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Data Center Interconnect & Cross Connect With Pre-terminated Copper Cable Assemblies

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Fiber optic cables, with their benefits of longer transmission distance and less EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference), have been highly recommended to use as the next generation media of data transmission. Thus, we often consider that all aspects of networking should adopt the fiber optic cables. However, within a data center, copper cables are still considered as an ideal solution as they can offer significant advantages in terms of capital expenditures, operating expenditures, performance, and reliability. Pre-terminated copper cable assemblies, as a new copper cabling option for fast-and-easy deployment in permanent link trunks and equipment port harnesses of data center architectures such as MoR (Middle of Row) or EoR (End of Row), are recommended in this post with interconnect and cross-connect applications.

Overview of Pre-terminated Copper Cable Assemblies

Pre-terminated copper cable assemblies including pre-terminated copper trunks and copper patch cords (usually terminated with RJ45 connector), are ideal solutions for data center applications where requires high-efficient deployment. With factory pre-terminated and tested parts, the pre-terminated copper cable assemblies can help users save time and reduce jobsite waste. In addition, they are more flexible that can be disassembled and repurposed to accommodate MACs (moves, adds and changes), easy to manage on rapid network growth and migration.

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Pre-terminated copper trunk cables are commonly used in point-to-point connections in data centers, such as achieving reliable connectivity between server and switch cabinets. While copper patch cords are used to connect panels to switches and servers. Moreover, intelligent patch cords are available to monitor port status.

Warm Tips: various of termination types are available for the per-terminated trunks, such as jack-to-jack, jack-to-plug, plug-to-plug, cassette-to-cassette, and so on. Therefore, to choose the most proper one based on the layout of the data center or telecommunications room, and the design philosophy employed.

Pre-terminated Copper Cable Assemblies Use Case

As mentioned above, pre-terminated copper cable assemblies can be used in data center for backbone or intra-rack cable connectivity. This section illustrates the interconnect and cross-connect connectivity with them in universal data center cabling applications.

In general data center cabling, copper trunk cables are used to make a permanent link between patch panels on each ends—one end is in a switch/network cabinet, and the other end is in a server/storage cabinet. And patch cords are usually used to interconnect the active equipment such as switches, servers, etc., as the following picture shown:


Cross Connect
In the cross-connect cabling configuration, as shown below, an individual patching area (often including two or more adjacent patch panels) is usually added between the switch/network cabinet and server/storage cabinet. Thus, two copper trunk cables are used as two permanent links between them. One runs from the switch/network cabinet panel to cross-connect panel, and the other one runs from cross connect panel to the panel in the server/storage cabinet. Copper patch cords are used to interconnect the active equipment and patch panels at the switch/network cabinet, cross-connect cabinet, and server/storage cabinet.


FS.COM Pre-terminated Copper Cable Assemblies Solution

FS.COM offers a wide range of configurable pre-terminated copper cable assemblies and patch panels to meet your demands on significantly faster deployment and guaranteed performance in data center copper cabling, help saving time and money.

Pre-terminated Copper Cable Assemblies Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable
Copper Patch Cords Cat5e Patch Cord
Cat6 Patch Cord
Ca6a Patch Cord
Cat7 Patch Cord
Modular Patch Panel Cat5e Patch Panels
Cat6 Patch Panels
Other Accessories Cat5e Connector/Plugs
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