Deep Dive into FS S3900 Series Enterprise Switches

Updated on Nov 11, 2022

As a business owner, choosing the right switch for your enterprise network can be a constant struggle for you. Not only do you have to deal with dozens of vendors supplying a variety of switch options, but you also need to take into account the real setup environment. In this case, you may encounter different sorts of problems, such as whether the switch is compatible with the existing equipment; which function should the required switch be equipped with, etc. All things considered, FS S3900 series switches may be the right choice for you. The guide below will help you dig deeper into these.


FS S3900 Series Switches Startup Guide

To begin with, FS S3900 series switches are Gigabit Ethernet L2/L3 Lite managed switches, which usually have 24 or 48 1G downlink ports and 4 10G uplinks for stacking. Besides, S3900 series switches also support a variety of functions, such as advanced QoS, 1+1 redundant power supply, Dual Fans, etc. making them ideal for SMB, enterprise, campus, and branch office networks.

Generally speaking, there are two types of FS S3900 series switches. One is S3900 switches, including S3900-48T4S, S3900-24F4S, and S3900-24T4S. The other is the S3900-R switches, which include S3900-48T6S-R, S3900-24T4S-R, and S3900-24F4S-R. Truth be told, these two types of switches, although sharing some similarities, are also equipped with some unique highlights.

For instance, both S3900 and S3900-R switches support the 1+1 power supply and stacking compatibility. But S3900 switches support the LACP protocol, which can improve link utilization and connection reliability. While S3900-R switches support the VRRP protocol, this prevents loss of network connectivity to some extent.

S3900 Series Switches


Why Choose FS S3900 Series Switches?

After having a basic understanding of FS S3900 series switches, here comes a part that you may be most interested in. What do these features have to do with me? What can I get out of these? With that in mind, we're happy to detail all the important follow-up benefits for you.

Allow Stacking to Simplify Your Network Management

When conducting network deployments, the difficulty of network management is an essential issue to consider. With stack technology, you can connect multiple switches to each other as a single unit and use the same IP address, which can significantly improve network scalability and flexibility while increasing ports and bandwidth and simplifying management and maintenance simultaneously.


Boost Your Network Performance with 10G High-speed Uplinks

In network deployments, the performance of a switch couldn't be more important. Almost every business owner takes it highly. FS S3900 series switches have 24 or 48 x Gigabit RJ45 ports and provide 128Gbps/176Gbps switching capacity. Besides, with 4 built-in 10G SFP+ ports, the S3900 series switches can be connected through 10G SFP+ modules and fiber patch cords to create up to 10G high-speed uplinks, providing flexibility and scalability for your enterprise access deployments.

Keep Your Power Consumption to A Minimum

As we all know, the lower the power consumption, the better the network condition. Therefore, power consumption also plays an essential role in network deployment. If you want a more energy-efficiency network environment, the FS S3900 series is right for you. Equipped with a fanless design, the S3900-24T4S switch enables low-noise operation, which solves the problem of loud noise when small switches are deployed in office environments, thus improving the reliability of the whole system.

Traffic Management Anytime & Anywhere

Traffic management is another thing that you should consider when conducting network deployment. With the advent of diverse services, you may encounter network congestion, packet transmission delay, jitter, and packet loss rate, etc. because of the increase of network traffic. To solve this problem, the QoS of S3900 series switches can help you achieve better flow control, reduce network delay and congestion, and provide better service capabilities for specified network communications.

Enable High Security for Your Business

The importance of cybersecurity should never be underestimated. In this big data era, data leaks or data loss can bring serious damage to the business. However, with Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) of the S3900 series switches, you can control and modify your remote servers over the Internet easily. Besides, SSH adopts the key login function to encrypt and verify network data, which can restrict illegal access, and effectively ensure the normal development of user network services.



Key Takeaways

To put it simply, FS S3900 series switches can deliver high performance, low power consumption, advanced QoS and comprehensive security while also featuring simplified management. Besides, they are ideal for a variety of network deployments, such as SMBs, enterprises, branch networks, and more. For more information on them, you can check https://www.fs.com/.

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