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FS SOHO networking solution

Small office/home office (SOHO) networks play a crucial role in empowering small businesses. SOHO networks enable seamless communication, efficient data transfer, and reliable connectivity within the organization. To support the evolving needs of SOHO networks, FS offers a range of high-performance SOHO managed switches. This article introduces FS SOHO managed switches including their key features, applications, and benefits, and explains how they help power SOHO networks.

FS SOHO Managed Switch at a Glance

Here's an overview of FS SOHO managed switch offerings. Let's take a look at some of the key specifications and features of the popular S3100 and S3270 series SOHO switches:

Series Model Ports Switching Capacity Forwarding Rate Power Budget Max. Power Consumption Power Supply Fan
S3100 S3100-16TMS-P 16x 10M/100/1000MBASE-T, 2x 1000M/2.5G/5GBASE-T, 2x 1/10Gb SFP+ 82Gbps 61Mpps 125W < 25W 1 Built-in Fanless
S3100-8TMS-P 8x 10M/100/1000MBASE-T, 2x 1000M/2.5G/5GBASE-T, 2x 1/10Gb SFP+ 66Gbps 49.1Mpps 125W < 25W 1 Built-in Fanless
S3100-16TF-P 16x 10M/100/1000MBASE-T, 2x 1Gb SFP 36Gbps 26.8Mpps 125W < 25W 1 Built-in Fanless
S3100-16TF 16x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 2x 1Gb SFP 36Gbps 26.8Mpps N/A < 25W 1 Built-in Fanless
S3270 S3270-24TM-P 24x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 4x 1/2.5G SFP 68Gbps 50.594Mpps 370W 460W 1 Built-in 2 Built-in
S3270-10TM-P 10x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 2x 1/2.5G SFP 30Gbps 22.32Mpps 125W 150W 1 Built-in 1 Built-in
S3270-10TM 10x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 2x 1/2.5G SFP 30Gbps 22.32Mpps N/A 16W 1 Built-in Fanless
S3270-24TM 24x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 4x 1/2.5G SFP 68Gbps 50.59Mpps N/A 15.6W 1 Built-in Fanless
S3270-48TM 48x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 4x 1/2.5G SFP 48Gbps 86.30Mpps N/A 30W 1 Built-in 2 Built-in

Highlights of FS SOHO Managed Switch

FS SOHO managed switches come with several standout features that make them highly attractive for small businesses. Let's explore some of their highlights.

Broadcom Chip

The switches utilize industry-leading Broadcom chipsets, ensuring excellent performance, stability, and reliability. This chipset empowers switches to handle heavy network traffic and maintain consistent connectivity.

Multiple Port Choices

FS understands that different businesses have varying connectivity requirements. To cater to these needs, the SOHO switches offer multiple port choices, including multi-gigabit ports and 1G/2.5G/10G uplinks. This versatility allows small businesses to select the appropriate switch model that best fits their network infrastructure.

Multiple Options and Designs

FS SOHO managed switches are available in various options and designs to accommodate different environmental and power needs. Some models feature built-in fans to ensure efficient cooling, while others are fanless for silent operation. Additionally, there are options with Power over Ethernet (PoE+) capabilities, providing power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable, simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.

Simplified Management

FS SOHO managed switches offer user-friendly management interfaces, allowing small businesses to easily configure and monitor their networks. The switches support popular management means such as SNMP, WEB, and CLI, enabling administrators to efficiently control network settings and troubleshoot issues.

Various Security Protection Policies

Security is a top priority for any network, especially for small businesses that handle sensitive data. FS SOHO managed switches provide robust security features. They support various security protection policies such as EEE, SSH, ACL, RADIUS, and TACACS+. It helps prevent unauthorized access and safeguard the network against potential threats. In addition, FS SOHO switches support CPU protection policy, ensuring the stability of the switch and nonstop services.

Applications of FS SOHO Managed Switch

FS SOHO managed switches find numerous applications in small business environments. Here are a few examples:

FS SOHO switch applications

Office Networks: The switches are ideal for creating reliable and high-speed connections between workstations, printers, and servers in small office setups. They facilitate efficient file sharing, smooth video conferencing, and seamless access to network resources. Additionally, the S3100-16TMS-P switch is the best choice for FTTR (Fiber to the Room) solutions.

Home Offices: As more professionals work remotely, home offices require stable and secure networks. FS SOHO managed switches ensure reliable connectivity for devices like laptops, desktops, IP phones, and smart home devices, enhancing productivity and enabling efficient collaboration.

Small Retail Stores: Retail businesses rely on network connectivity for point-of-sale systems, inventory management, and security surveillance. FS SOHO managed switches provide fast and reliable connections for cash registers, barcode scanners, security cameras, and other essential devices.

Small Healthcare Facilities: Medical clinics and small healthcare practices depend on network infrastructure to manage patient records, medical imaging, and communication systems. The SOHO switches enable secure data transfer and smooth operation of critical healthcare applications.

Depend on FS

Choosing FS for SOHO network solutions brings several advantages to small businesses. Here's why small businesses can depend on FS:

Trusted Quality: FS SOHO switches are built to last, ensuring reliable performance and long-term durability.

Cost-Effective Solutions: FS offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Small businesses can leverage FS SOHO networking solutions to upgrade their networks while staying within budget.

Excellent Customer Support: FS provides exceptional customer support, offering technical assistance, troubleshooting guidance, and product recommendations. FS Tech support is your go-to place to address any network-related queries or concerns.

Flexibility and Scalability: FS SOHO switches offer flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to adapt to changing network requirements. As businesses grow, FS also provides a wide range of networking solutions to accommodate expanding networks.

In the digital age, small businesses need reliable and efficient network connectivity to thrive. You can always depend on FS to power your SOHO networks and drive success in the competitive business landscape.

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