Catering to Your Needs: Experience the Power of FS Products with Free Trial Services

Posted on Jun 2, 2023 by

To better cater to customer needs, FS has been diligently working towards delivering superior quality products and services. As a customer-centric company, we consistently prioritize user experience. Hence, we have introduced a new service for requesting free product trials to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Let's embark on this journey of exploring our complimentary product trial service together!

Free Product Trial

Why Should You Choose Free Product Trial Service?

Why do customers typically prefer opting for free product trial services? It's because these services help minimize the purchasing risk, particularly for B2B enterprises. The specific benefits of our free product trial service are outlined below:

  • Personalized adaptation: Our free product trial service empowers you to select devices that are tailored to your networking requirements. Throughout the trial period, you can assess the device's performance within your specific network architecture, ensuring seamless compatibility with your system and meeting your expansion needs.

  • Risk-free trial experience: With our free product trial service, you have the opportunity to experience the product's performance and functionalities in real-world applications, without any associated risks. Moreover, this service eliminates the need for a device deposit, alleviating financial burdens during the pre-purchase phase.

  • Hands-on experience: Through our free product trial service, you can gain firsthand experience and evaluate the quality and performance of our switchgear. This direct experience holds greater persuasiveness than solely relying on others' recommendations or opinions, instilling more confidence in your purchasing decision.

How to Apply for a Free Product Trial Service?

If you are interested in experiencing FS products, here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply through the FS website:

  • Log in to our FS website to find the entry: Please click the "Free Product Trial" button on the below navigation of our website to start your application. Inquire and confirm whether the product you need is eligible for the free product trial service. (Please note that FS currently offers free product trials for select products and specific countries/regions.)

  • Complete the sample free trial application: When filling out the product free trial application form, ensure you provide the necessary personal or business information along with detailed product specifications.

  • Submit your application and await review: After submitting your application, our team will promptly review it.

  • Sign an online sample testing agreement: If your application is approved, you will be required to sign an online sample testing agreement.

  • Receive samples and commence experimentation: Once approved, you will receive the designated product samples and can begin incorporating them into your network to experience their outstanding performance.

Special Note: During the trial period, which spans 30 days, you have the opportunity to test the device thoroughly and assess its performance. If you are satisfied with the product, you may choose to make a purchase. However, if it fails to meet your expectations, you have the option to return it.


The introduction of our free product trial request service not only guarantees a hassle-free shopping experience but also demonstrates FS's unwavering dedication to quality and dependability. We aim to deliver robust, efficient, and stable network architecture solutions and products that empower your success in the digital era. As such, we are thrilled to provide you with an opportunity to experience the exceptional quality of our products firsthand, allowing you to witness our brand values and commitments in action.

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