FAQs on FS S5800 Series Enterprise Switches

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FS S5800 series switches are layer 3 Ethernet switches designed with higher performance and reliability at a lower cost, which help build a high-speed and future-proof network for next-generation enterprise, data center, Metro, and HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) networks.

Here is a list of real questions our customers have had about the S5800 series switches that will help you know them better.

FAQ on FS S5800 Series Switches

Network Features

Q: Do S5800 series switches support TRILL?

A: Our devices do not support TRILL. TRILL and VXLAN are both technologies that set up physical large Layer 2 networks, but currently, VXLAN is more recommended and widely used because it removes limitations in hardware. Therefore, FS S5800 series switches support VXLAN instead of TRILL.


Q: Are they possible to configure LACP fallback?

A: FS S5800 series switches can configure LACP mode dynamic, which achieves the same effect as LACP fallback but with a different name. You only need to configure port-channel X LACP-mode dynamic before creating the aggregation group.


Q: Do S5800 series switches support Syslog? Are there any tutorials on the configuration of Syslog services for S5800 series switches?

A: Yes. Syslog is supported on FS S5800 series switches. You can download this configuration guide and find the instructions for configuring Syslog on page 249.

Learn more: The S5800 Series Switches Configuration Guide


Q: Do S5800 series switches support IGMP?

A: FS S5800 series switches support a rich multicase protocol set, including IGMP Snooping, IGMP v1/v2/v3, and IGMP SSM Mapping.


Security Protection

Q: Do S5800 series switches have encryption functions? Are the purposes of encryption for authentication and MAC/IP security?

A: For authentication, FS S5800 series enterprise switches feature 802.1x, radius, Tacacs, and ssh. MACsec can protect MAC security. The S5800-48T4S and S5800-48F4SR support MACsec. IP security can be realized by access control lists (ACLs).


Q: What does the MACsec encryption used by S5800-48T4S and S5800-48F4SR do?

A: MACsec (Media Access Control Security) is a method that ensures secure communication within LANs based on IEEE 802.1AE and 802.1X. It ensures the security of Ethernet frames and prevents attack packets through identity authentication, data encryption, integrity check, and replay protection.


Systems Features

Q: Are S5800 series switches open switches? Are they compatible with Cumulus Linux?

A: They do not support Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) or Cumulus. Currently, only open-source switches in data centers can run third-party operating systems. FS open switches include N5850-48S6Q, N8550-48B8C, N8550-32C, and N9500-32D. And only the newly introduced NVIDIA switches support Cumulus Linux.



Q: How are FS S5800 series switches managed and are they easy to configure?

A: They support CLI, WEB, SNMP, SSH, OVSDB, and RPC-API that enable flexible operation. RPC-API supports SSL to implement HTTPS, so you can programmatically configure the switch. RPC-API allows for basic hardware information management. For example, you can execute "show environment" to check the power supply (PSU), fan, and sensor status.


Power Supply

Q: Do you sell any DC-powered ethernet switches?

A: Yes. In FS S5800 series switches, the S5800-48T4S, S5800-48F4SR, and S5800-8TF12S use DC power supplies. Besides, some S5850 series switches are DC-powered ethernet switches or support custom DC power. DC power modules are also available at FS.com.

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