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All Blog Articles / Cabling / FHD/FHX Rack Mount Enclosure Solutions

FHD/FHX Rack Mount Enclosure Solutions

Posted on by FS.COM

As the demand for computing power grows rapidly, it’s vital for data center operators to look for the high-density equipment that can offer higher performance without needing to expand into a larger physical space. Fiber enclosure, or fiber splice box, as a necessary fiber cable management component, is widely used in data centers to house, organize, manage and protect fiber optic cables. Simultaneously, these fiber optic enclosures come in different configurations such as rack mount, wall mount enclosure, and indoor or outdoor enclosure. Among these different configurations, rack mount fiber enclosure is the most commonly used in data centers.

rack mount fiber enclosure

What Is Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure?

The rack mount fiber enclosure is made for 19-inch rack mounting and comes in rack units of 1U, 2U, 4U, or more rack units depending on the number of connections required. It also comes in two flavors: slide-out type and cover removable type. The slide-out type is more expensive than cover removable type, but it is more convenient for high-density cabling deployment. The slide-out rack mount fiber enclosure features the pull-out sliding trays, so it does not require the user to remove the whole fiber enclosure from the rack to gain internal access. The following sections will introduce FS.COM FHD/FHX rack mount fiber enclosure with these two types. If you are interested in how to select the rack mount fiber enclosure, please refer to Which Type of Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures Should You Choose?

FHDFHX rack mount fiber enclosure

FHX Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

To meet customers’ demand for high-density cabling, FS.COM has developed the FHX ultra high-density fiber enclosure which can hold up to 144 fibers in 1U space. The FHX 1U fiber enclosure encompasses three independent sliding drawers, and each drawer can be converted to support 8-port or 12-port cassettes and panels by moving and changing the dividing rails. The video below will show the FHX rack enclosure’s innovated design and how this ultra high-density fiber enclosure can better fit MTP-8 and MTP-12 cassettes by changing rails. All in all, the rack mount fiber enclosure is compatible with all FHX fiber system components, holding 18 x FHX MTP-8 to LC cassettes, 12 x FHX MTP-12 to LC cassettes, FHX adapter panels or FHX conversion cassettes. For more information about FHX fiber enclosure, please refer to FHX Fiber Enclosure: Get Your Network Up and Running.

FHD Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

FS.COM provides a comprehensive line of FHD high-density fiber optic enclosures, including 1U, 2U, and 4U types. The 1U fiber enclosure allows for 4 x FHD fiber adapter panels or 4 x FHD MPO/MTP cassettes up to 96 fibers. The 2U rack mount fiber enclosure can support 8 x FHD fiber adapter panels or 8 x FHD MPO/MTP cassettes up to 192 fibers. And the 4U rack mount fiber enclosure can support either 12 x FHD fiber adapter panels or 12 x FHD MPO/MTP cassettes up to 228 fibers. By the way, the FHD fiber enclosures have the traditional cover removable type and slide-out type for options. The new generation of rack enclosure is upgraded in door latch and slide rail, so that the new-design parallel sliding drawer keeps to pull and push easier and more convenient. More importantly, FHD series fiber optic enclosures provide the versatility and flexibility with a fully modular solution for a variety of fiber optic patching, terminating and splicing applications. The fiber splice tray and fiber slack management spool can be installed into the FHD fiber enclosure for storage of spliced fiber pigtails or managing the excess fiber cable slack. The 1U fiber enclosure can hold up to four fiber splice tray. The video below will show the basic installments and remove of these enclosure accessories inside the FHD cover removable rack enclosure.

Enclosure Accessories Used in FHD/FHX Fiber Enclosure

FS.COM also offers a wide selection of fiber enclosure accessories for cable management. The blank panel, fiber splice tray and fiber slack management spool are the most popular enclosure accessories used in FHD/FHX rack mount fiber enclosure.

Item Description Illustration
FHX 12-Port Blanking Panel Reserve space for future use and prevent dust to contaminate the fiber enclosure.  FHX 12-Port Blanking Panel
FHD Fiber Splice Tray Designed to safely route and store optical fibers.  FHD Fiber Splice Tray
FHD Fiber Slack Management Spool Effectively manage the excess fiber cable slack.  FHD Fiber Slack Management Spool


The FHD/FHX rack mount fiber enclosure solutions meet the demand for high-density cabling and seamless migration to 40G and 100G. This high-density system enables data center technicians to quickly and safely complete the moves, adds and changes (MACs) while simultaneously providing the scalability to optimize cable management in places where maximum density is required. All in all, FHD/FHX fiber enclosures provide the perfect solutions for easy-to-manage cabling environments and strong protection of fiber optic cables.

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