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Fiber Cabling / Fiber Cable Management / FHX Fiber Enclosure - An Innovated Fiber Optic Enclosure for High Density Cabling

FHX Fiber Enclosure - An Innovated Fiber Optic Enclosure for High Density Cabling

Posted on By FS.COM

The demand for higher density and continual availability seems an irresistible trend in the world of network—thus cable management becomes more challenging as density increases. Tangled fiber cables around fiber patch panel often block access to cabling system - they are also the barrier to fulfill moves, adds and changes (MACs) and to access connectors and cassettes. This also impedes network to seek any future growth and is detrimental to serviceability, reliability and deployment. FHX rack mountable fiber enclosure handles all these issues—enables easier accessibility and proper airflow, it is engineered to optimize cable management in places where maximum density is required.

What to Expect From FHX Fiber Enclosure? - More Than Higher Density

With best-in-class features, FS.COM’s FHX ultra high-density fiber network enclosure offers superior density, port access and cable management in a solid, sleek enclosure. This high-density fiber optic enclosure rack mount module easily supports today’s advanced data center environments, while providing fast, seamless migration to 40/100G. FHX fiber optic enclosure highlights a space-saving 1U 19’’ rack mountable design, housing up to 144 duplex LC ports. It encompasses three independently sliding drawers, and a fully loaded FHX fiber optic enclosure holds 12 12-fiber MTP-LC cassettes, 12 FHX fiber adapter panels (FAPs) or 18 8-fiber MTP-LC cassettes—it can also be converted to support either 8-port or 12-port cassette and adapters, by moving and changing the rails.

1U fiber enclosure rack mount

Highlights of FHX Fiber Network Enclosure

FHX rack mount fiber network enclosure achieves the goal for maximizing density and minimizing costs. Here we name some of the prominent spotlights of FS.COM FHX fiber enclosure, among others.

Split tray design enables easier access, without possible circuit disruptions. Moreover, the trays coming with slide and lock capabilities greatly simplify connection management. Each half of the split tray operates independently, keeping disruption at the minimum.
split tray fiber optic network enclosure
1U compact footprint with 3 layers optimizes space utilization. Capable of accommodating up to 144 fibers in a rack unit, it serves as the best fit for space-constrained installations. Also, the improved mounting brackets of this fiber enclosure enables depth adjustment in the rack.
1u rack mount fiber network enclosure
Greater adjustability and scalability for using with either 8-port or 12-port MTP-LC cassettes, by moving and changing the rails in the fiber optic enclosure. FHX fiber enclosure rack mount gives you more freedom to deploy any network architecture, fiber infrastructure, network type, either duplex or parallel.
8-fiber cassette vs 12-fiber cassette
Enhanced cable and airflow management. Featured with a cable management bracket at the rear of the fiber optic enclosure, FHX fiber optic enclosure allows easy access to connections on the rear of fiber optic enclosure.
More bang for your buck. FHX stands out of the competition with a cost of $120.00 only, which exactly meet the demand for maximizing network density while not breaking your budget.

Ultra HD FHX Fiber Network Enclosure Installation Guide

FHX fiber network enclosure is designed with the purpose of streamlining installation and simplifying cable management. So the mounting process is rather easy: just plan the fiber enclosure mounting and location position beforehand, insert and tighten the screws and record connectivity information on the label - you’ve get it to work! Here we only introduce the way to insert FAPs and cassettes into the fiber optic enclosure.

The procedures for installing FAP and MPO cassette is identical. Just remember to clean MTP connectors and adapters before mating, then just insert the module into the fiber enclosure.

install mtp-lc cassette into fiber network enclosure

When inserting the FAP and MTP cassette, notice the locating point as shown in the following picture, it can secure the cassette to avoid it crashing the door panel. You can press the locating point to move the FAP/MTP cassette if needed.

install mtp-lc cassette module

FS.COM FHX Fiber Network Enclosure FAQ

To facilitate using our FHX fiber enclosure, here we list a few frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the split tray in FHX fiber enclosure?

A: The trays in any fiber optic enclosure is used to house the cassettes/FAPs span the entire width of the enclosure. A split tray used in FHX fiber enclosure, however, spans only one half of the width of the enclosure. Which makes it easier to access and helps eliminate disruption of adjacent links even the fiber optic enclosure is fully loaded.

Q: How many fibers can FHX fiber enclosure support?

A: This 1U rack mount fiber enclosure supports up to 144 fibers (LC duplex ports).

Q: How many fiber adapter panels (FAPs) and fiber cassettes can be mounted on it?

A: FHX fiber enclosure fully supports FAPs and fiber cassettes from the same FHX series - holding 12 12-fiber MTP-LC cassettes/ FHX fiber adapter panels (FAPs) or 18 8-fiber MTP-LC cassettes. In case you are seeking for any combination, this fiber optic enclosure supports 9×8-fiber MTP cassettes and 6×12-fiber MTP cassettes or FHX FAPs.

Q: What is the convertibility of 8-fiber and 12-fiber MTP cassette?

A: FHX fiber enclosure supports either or both 8-fiber and 12-fiber cassettes. This is accomplished by either removing or inserting the removable center rail resided in the middle of the split tray, adjusting the center rail to mount 3 8-fiber MTP cassette or 2 12-fiber MTP cassette per half rack.

Q: What accessories are provided with this FHX fiber enclosure?

A: FHX 1U rack mount fiber optic enclosure will be shipped with an accessory pack for cable management, check the following diagram for details.

fs fhx fiber optic network enclosure accessories

Q: How does FHX fiber enclosure support labeling?

A: The labeling layout for the 1U fiber optic enclosure is on the inside of the front door cover, which coincides with the port. FS.COM labels allow for ease of editing and replacing when a change occurs in fiber enclosure.


Our complete, integrate FHX fiber network enclosure is a proven solution to accommodate the dynamic lifecycle of today’s high-performance data centers, addressing essential serviceability, network reliability and ease of deployment. Moreover, this fiber network enclosure also fully prepares the data center for growth with minimized patching footprint and reduced installation time - that’s exactly what we need in a high-density environment.

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