FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO Transceivers Overview

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FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers

With the exponential growth in network traffic, various application scenarios such as data center interconnect, metro and long-haul networks place new requirements on optical transport platforms with greater capacity and density, as well as lower complexity. With advanced features and design, FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO coherent transceivers can offer a compelling mix of flexibility, performance, and reliability, making them ideal for data-center interconnect (DCI) and metro telecom applications.

Features and Specifications

FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers are available in different modulation formats and support different transmission rates and distances to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Here are the basic features and specifications of FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO coherent transceivers.

Max Data Rate 100/200Gbps 100/200/400Gbps
Grid Spacing 50GHz 50GHz/75GHz (200G) 75GHz (400G)
Optical channels 96 80/96/(200G) 80 (400G)
Max Cable Distance 1000km (100G) w/ EDFA 80km
800km (200G) w/ EDFA 1000km (200G) w/ EDFA
  200km (400G) w/ EDFA
Connector LC Duplex LC Duplex
Line Modulation PM-QPSK (100G) PM-16QAM (400G/200G)
PM-16QAM (200G) PM-16QAM PS (200G)
  PM-QPSK (200G)
Power Consumption Typical: 22W Maximum: 24W Typical: 26W Maximum: 28W

Highlights of FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO Transceivers

FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers can provide powerful performance and enhanced flexibility for optical transmission based on their innovative design and can deliver field-proven reliability with rigorous testing.

Ultra High-capacity Optical Transmission

These coherent transceivers use more advanced modulation technologies, such as QPSK and 16QAM, which transmit more bits per time interval or symbol, causing the data rate to double or quadruple in the same bandwidth. Therefore, FS CFP2-DCO transceivers enable ultra-high-capacity information transmission, helping to construct ultra-high-speed optical networks at 100/200/400Gbps.

Ultra-long Distance Transmission

With built-in digital signal processing (DSP) chip and electronic dispersion compensation (EDC), FS CFP2-DCO transceivers have dispersion compensation function without any dispersion compensation modules (DCMs), improving the quality of fiber optic links. On this basis, FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers enable ultra-long-haul transmission up to 2000km combined with EDFA.

Enhanced Flexibility

FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers adopt hot-pluggable CFP2 form factor, eliminating complex calibration and enhancing operational flexibility. In addition, the use of pluggable optics means that a failure of a single module only affects the module's port, not the entire line card. What's more, with different modulation formats, FS CFP2-DCO transceivers can deliver enhanced flexibility in data transmission. For example, FS 200G CFP2-CDO supports 100G PM-QPSK and 200G PM-16QAM transmissions, and FS 400G CFP2-DCO supports 200G PM-QPSK, 200G PM-16QAM PS, and 200G/400G PM-16QAM transmission.

High Reliability with Performance Testing

FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers have been fully tested in FS Assured Program equipped with advanced analytical equipment to ensure field-proven reliability. The following are the various tests done on the transceivers to guarantee optimal performance in all aspects.

  • TX/RX Signal Quality Testing

  • Reliability and Stability Testing

  • Transfer Rate and Protocol Testing

  • Optical Spectrum Evaluation


Based on the above superior features and highlights, FS 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers offer powerful performance for maximum reach and data rate, with high reliability, which is an effective and economical solution for multiple network scenarios such as metropolitan area network (MAN), long-haul networks, and data center interconnect.

For example, for DCI applications, FS 400G CFP2-DCO transceivers use 75-GHz channel spacing for 400G Ethernet, enhancing the total fiber capacity. Besides, FS CFP2-DCO transceivers adopt performance-optimized coherent technology within a pluggable form factor, which can overcome distance constraints to deliver higher capacity connectivity. The following is the connectivity diagram of 200G/400G CFP2-DCO transceivers for data center interconnect, in which mux/demux and EDFA help the coherent solution further achieve flexibility and scalability.

CFP2-DCO transceivers for DCI Application

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