FS 28AWG Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cables

Updated on Nov 19, 2021

As one of the most popular cables among Ethernet cable buyers, FS 28AWG Cat6 cables showed their steady working performance and special function. It's the best solution for a small dense network environment because of its slim diameter. Compared to other cables, 28AWG cables do better in airflow improvement, transmission performance, durable lifespan, etc. The following article will let you know more details about our cables.

FS 28AWG Cat6 Cable Features

Below is listed the specifications of FS 28AWG Cat6 Ethernet cables:

Cable Type Length Color Shielding Type Data Rate Support Boot Type Jacket Material
Cat6 6in (0.15m) , 1ft (0.3m) , 1.5ft (0.5m) , 2ft (0.6m) , 3ft (0.9m) , 4ft (1.2m) , 5ft (1.5m) , 6ft (1.8m) , 7ft (2.1m) , 10ft (3m) , 16ft (4.9m) Unshielded (UTP) 1000Base-T and Maximum to 10GBase-T Snagless PVC CM

Why Choose FS 28AWG Cat6 Cable?

Great Transmission Performance

FS 28AWG cables adopt pure bare copper conductors to help reduce signal loss and are more durable than copper-clad aluminium (CCA) wire. With 50μ'' gold-plated RJ45 Connectors, FS 28AWG cables offer maximum corrosion resistance. Equipped with 4 twisted pairs, FS 28AWG cables can reduce crosstalk, noise, and interference efficiently. Thanks to these special designs, FS 28AWG cables ensure fast transmission and excellent signal quality.

Airflow Optimization

With thinner wires, FS 28AWG slim cable can save space up to 36% than common network cable, which helps alleviate congestion and improve wire management. Smaller cable diameter allows better ventilation and equipment cooling in racks or server rooms, particularly for high-density environments, such as data centers and telecommunications rooms.

Airflow Optimization

Durable and Easy for Cabling

FS 28AWG cables have flexible protective PVC jackets. Our special plug design helps prevent damage when plugging/unplugging cables. With these safeguard procedures, cables are more resistant to damage and oxidation. Their lifespan can last more than 750 insertion cycles. Knowing that 28AWG cables are usually applied in dense network environments, we offer multiple colors to help you distinguish complicated cable runs.

Durable and Easy for Cabling

PoE/PoE+ Application Supported

FS 28AWG patch cables can be used to support power delivery (also known as "PoE" ). According to TSB-184-A-1, 28 AWG in bundles of up to 12 can be used for PoE applications up to 30W. For power delivery between 30W and 60W, all 28 AWG cable bundles should be separated, with the outer edge of each bundle spaced at least 1.5 inches apart, which can further support airflow and improve the opportunity for heat dissipation. Since there is no mention of 28 AWG in the National Electrical Code at 60W, anything above 60W requires authorization from an authority with jurisdiction.


FS Cat6 28AWG Slim Patch Cable — perfect solution for high-density data center applications.

Cat6 28AWG Slim patch cable

"We love these slim cables. It makes all our customers' sites and installs easy and simple to manage. We won't use any others."

—Joe Sweeney

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