FS 400G Product Family Introduction

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As massive data centers transition to faster and more scalable infrastructure, it becomes imperative to establish high-capacity connections to accommodate the surging number of users, devices, and applications.

Moreover, the rapid adoption of ultra-large-scale cloud infrastructure and services has generated a heightened demand for networks featuring high throughput and minimal latency. The existing 100G network proves inadequate for present applications. The forthcoming wave of ultra-large-scale development necessitates the implementation of 400GbE and 200GbE data center architectures to sidestep the need for costly alterations to fiber equipment topology.

Functioning as the next-generation mainstream port technology, 400G can substantially augment network bandwidth, enhance link utilization, and facilitate operators, OTT providers, and other clients in effectively managing the unprecedented growth of data traffic.

To meet customers' demand for higher speed, FS has been actively developing the 400G Products Family, which includes 400G switches, optical transceivers, cables, and network adapters. This article will introduce the FS 400G products family.

FS 400G Switches

The advent of 400G data center switches facilitates the transition from 100G to 400G in data centers, offering flexibility for constructing large-scale leaf and spine designs while concurrently reducing the overall number of network devices. This reduction leads to cost savings and decreased power consumption.

400G Data Center Switches

The FS 400G products family encompasses a variety of switches for your 400G data center network needs. These switches boast impressive specifications, including powerful CPUs, substantial switching capacities, and hot-swappable AC power supplies for enhanced reliability. Whether it's the robust N9510-64D or the versatile N9550 series, FS 400G data center switches deliver the performance and flexibility needed for today's data-intensive applications.

It is especially important to note that, as Open Network switches, the N8550 and N9550 series switches' operating systems and hardware are not traditionally integrated, enabling enhanced flexibility through the freedom to choose preferred operating system. They are intended to meet client requirements by providing full support for L3 capability, SONiC, and Broadcom chips, and data center features. Additionally, FS offers an Open Network switch operating system solution based on PicOS®, which delivers a more resilient, programmable, and scalable networking operating system (NOS) at a lower TCO.

Models N9510-64D NC8400-4TH Customized NC8400-4TH N8550-24CD8D N9550-32D N9550-64D
Description 64 x 400Gb QSFP-DD, L3 Data Center Fixed Switch 4-Slot Ethernet L3 Data Center Chassis Switch Unloaded Chassis Switch, Supports 4 x 40/100/400Gb Line Cards 24-Port Ethernet L3 Data Center Switch 32-Port Ethernet L3 Data Center Switch 64-Port Ethernet L3 Data Center
Switch Chip BCM56990 BCM56980 BCM56980 BCM56780 BCM56980 BCM56990
CPU Intel Xeon D-1627 (4-core 8-thread processor with a clock speed of 2.9 GHz) / / Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1627 4-core 2.9GHz Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1518 4-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1627 4-core 2.9GHz
Flash Memory 240 GB 64GB 64GB 240 GB m.2 64GB MLC /
Switching Capacity 51.2 Tbps 25.6 Tbps 25.6 Tbps 8.0 Tbps 12.8 Tbps 25.6 Tbps
Hot-swappable AC Power Supplies 4 (2+2 Redundancy) 4 (2+2 Redundancy) 4 (2+2 Redundancy) 2 (1+1 Redundancy) 2 (1+1 Redundancy) 4 (3+1 Redundancy)

400G IB switches

FS 400G InfiniBand switches are equipped with the powerful NVIDIA QUANTUM-2 switch chip, ensuring unparalleled capabilities for high-speed data processing. Boasting a remarkable 51.2Tbps switching capacity, powered by the advanced NVIDIA QUANTUM-2 chip and x86 Coffee Lake i3 CPUs, these switches deliver seamless data transmission for demanding applications. With 64 NDR 400G ports and 32 OSFP ports, they offer optimal high-density connectivity, while hot-swappable AC power supplies enhance reliability. Simplified configuration is achieved through the absence of flash memory, ensuring a streamlined and efficient solution for modern computing environments.

Models MQM9700-NS2F MQM9790-NS2F
Description 64 x 400Gb QSFP-DD, L3 Data Center Fixed Switch 4-Slot Ethernet L3 Data Center Chassis Switch Unloaded
CPU x86 Coffee Lake i3 x86 Coffee Lake i3
Switching Capacity 51.2Tbps 51.2Tbps
Management Inband/outband Inband
Subnet Manager Yes No

FS 400G Transceivers

The FS 400G transceivers are available in two different types of packaging. QSFP-DD and OSFP are new packages developed to support 400G featuring their performance. In addition, FS also provides CFP2 DCO transceivers for coherent transmission of DWDM at multiple rates (100G/200G/400G).

In addition, FS has created InfiniBand cables and transceivers to improve the performance of HPC networks, satisfying the requirement for high bandwidth, low latency, and highly reliable connections.

400G QSFP-DD Transceivers

The FS 400G QSFP-DD transceivers feature with low-power, high-density, and high-speed performance. They can be used for 400G Ethernet network connectivity across the wavelength range of 850nm to 1331nm. FS QSFP-DD optical modules with different wavelengths use different types of connectors and fiber cables turning out their different transmission distances. The longest transmission distance is 40km and the shortest is 70m.

Wavelength 850nm 1310nm 1310nm 1271nm,1291nm,1311nm,1331nm 1310nm 1310nm 1271nm,1291nm,1311nm,1331nm 1310nm 1310nm 1310nm
Modulation 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4
Max Cable Distance 70m@OM3/100m@OM4 500m 500m 2km 2km 2km 6km 10km 10km 40km
Max Data Rate 425Gbps 425Gbps 425Gbps (4x106.25Gb/s) 425Gbps 400Gbps 400Gbps 400Gbps 425Gbps 400Gbps 425Gbps
Connector MTP/MPO-16 MTP/MPO-12 (APC) MTP/MPO-12 APC LC Duplex MTP/MPO-12 MTP/MPO-12 Duplex LC Duplex LC MTP/MPO-12 LC Duplex

400G OSFP Transceivers

The FS 400G OSFP transceivers also have two transmission wavelengths with different distances: 850nm and 1310nm. When the FS 400G OSFP transceivers are connected with MTP/MPO-16, they can support link lengths up to 100 meters. When the FS 400G OSFP transceivers are connected with MTP/MPO-12, there are four parallel 1310nm optical channels inside, supporting 400G link lengths up to 500 meters.

Products 400G OSFP SR8 400G OSFP DR4
Wavelength 850nm 1310nm
Modulation 8x 50G PAM4 8x 50G PAM4
Connector MTP/MPO-16 MTP/MPO-12 (APC)
Max Cable Distance 100m 500m
Max Data Rate 425Gbps 425Gbps (4x106.25Gb/s)
Application scenarios 400G ethernet, data center and cloud networks 4x100G breakout for QSFP-DR-100G, data center

200G/400G CFP2 DCO Coherent Transceivers

The FS 200G/400G CFP2 coherent transceivers are high-performance, cost-effective transceivers with a power consumption of 28W. They support flexible mesh DWDM tuning and provide 400GBase-DCO throughput over single-mode fiber (SMF) through LC connectors for up to 80 km. If EDFA is used, the transmission distance can reach 1000 km (200G) and 200 km (400G). It also supports Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM), adopting PM-QPSK (200G), PM-16QAM (200G/400G), and PM-16QAM PS (200G) modulation formats. FS 200G/400G CFP2 coherent transceiver modules are used in 200G/400G DWDM data center connectivity and OTU4/OTUCn metro optical transmission networks.

Product 400G CFP2 DCO
Grid Spacing 50GHz/75GHz(200G), 75GHz (400G)
Connector LC Duplex
LC Duplex SMF
Optical channels 80/96/(200G), 80(400G)
Max Data Rate 100/200/400Gbps
Transmission Protocols 100G/200G/400G/OTU4/OTUCn
Max Cable Distance 80km, 1000km (200G) w/ EDFA, 200km (400G) w/ EDFA

FS 400G transceivers use advanced analytical equipment to perform rigorous testing of optical modules, including TX/RX testing, temperature measurements, rate testing, and spectrometer evaluation testing to ensure transceivers' performance and compatibility.

FS 400G Cables

When planning the 400G ethernet cablings or connection solutions, we should select components with lower insertion loss and better return loss to meet link high-density data center performance requirements. FS offers several wiring options, including DAC/AOC cables and breakout cables.


FS 400G DAC cables have a new generation performance of QSFP by a higher data transfer rate. At the same time, FS 400G DAC cables are designed with dual side drain cables and self-designed PCBA, providing low loss, less skew and better NEXT. They are suitable for very short links and offer a cost-effective way to establish a 400 Ethernet network link between QSFP-400G ports of switches/routers within racks and across adjacent racks.

FS 400G AOC cables are used in 400 Ethernet Network links over OM4 multimode fibers, and contain eight multi-mode fibers (MMF) optic transceivers per end with the data transmission rates of up to 53Gb/s. They enable low-power, high-reliability, and high-speed interconnections over very thin copper cables without using any optical components. FS 400G AOC cables are also utilized for relatively short connections, offering system providers and customers a high-density solution option for implementing 400G in data centers and cloud networks.

400G DAC/AOC Breakout Cables

FS DAC/AOC breakout cables are available in three connection types to meet the high-density requirements of standard and combination connector configurations: 4x100G, 2x200G, and 8x50G. Their low insertion loss and ultra-low crosstalk effectively improve transmission performance, and they are designed with a high degree of bending flexibility, providing a cost-effective solution for short links. FS DAC/AOC breakout cables are suitable for data center and network equipment and high-performance computing (HPC).

Product 400G QSFP-DD to 2x200G QSFP56 DAC 400G QSFP-DD to 4x100G QSFP56 DAC 400G QSFP-DD to 8x50G SFP56 DAC 400G QSFP-DD to 4 x100G QSFP28 DAC 400G OSFP to 2 x 200G QSFP56 AOC 400G QSFP-DD to 4 x 100G QSFP28 AOC 400G QSFP-DD to 4x100G QSFP56 AOC 400G QSFP-DD to 2x200G QSFP56 AOC 400G QSFP-DD to 8x50G SFP56 AOC
Max Data Rate 2x200Gbps 4x100Gbps 8x50Gbps 4x100Gbps 425Gbps(8x53.125Gb/s) 4x100Gbps 4x100Gbps 425Gbps(8x53.125Gb/s) 425Gbps (8x53.125Gb/s)
Minimum Bend Radius 33.5mm 35mm 33.5mm 26.5mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Customized Cable Length 0.5m (2ft), 1m (3ft), 1.5m (5ft), 2m (7ft), 2.5m (8ft) 0.5m (2ft), 1m (3ft), 1.5m (5ft), 2m (7ft), 2.5m (8ft) 0.5m (2ft), 1m (3ft), 1.5m (5ft), 2m (7ft), 2.5m (8ft), 3m (10ft) 1m (3ft), 3m(10ft), 5m(16ft) 3m (10ft), 5m (16ft), 10m (33ft), 15m (49ft), 20m (66ft), 30m (98ft) 1m (3ft), 2m (7ft), 3m (10ft), 5m (16ft), 7m (23ft), 10m (33ft), 15m (49ft), 20m (66ft) 1m (3ft), 2m (7ft), 3m (10ft), 5m (16ft), 7m (23ft), 10m (33ft), 15m (49ft), 25m (82ft), 30m (98ft), 50m (164ft) 1m (3ft), 2m (7ft), 3m (10ft), 5m (16ft), 7m (23ft), 10m (33ft), 15m (49ft), 20m (66ft), 25m (82ft), 30m (98ft) 1m (3ft), 2m (7ft), 3m (10ft), 5m (16ft), 7m (23ft), 10m (33ft), 15m (49ft), 20m (66ft), 25m (82ft), 30m (98ft), 50m (164ft), 70m (230ft)

400G Network Adapters

The FS 400G network adapter carduses the industry-leading ConnectX 7 series network adapter card. Providing one port of 400Gb/s for InfiniBand, ultra-low latency, and 330 to 370 million messages per second, ConnectX-7 VPI cards enable the highest performance and most flexible solution aimed at meeting the continually growing demands of data center applications. In addition to all the existing innovative features of past versions, ConnectX-7 cards offer many enhancements to further improve performance and scalability.

  • PCIe 5.0 x16 Host Interface and 400Gb/s Single-Port Transmission

  • RDMA Delivering Low Latency and High Performance

  • Block-level XTS-AES Mode Hardware Encryption Saving Latency and CPU Utilization

  • Best-in-class Packet Pacing with Sub-nanosecond Accuracy

  • End-to-end QoS and Congestion Control to Anticipate and Eliminate Congestion

  • Increased I/O Consolidation, Reducing Data Center Costs and Complexity

  • Smart Interconnect for x86, Power, Arm, GPU and FPGA-based Compute and Storage Platforms

FS 400G Networking Soluitons

To maximize the utilization of the 400G product series, FS offers comprehensive 400G network solutions, such as solutions tailored for upgrading from 100G to high-density 400G data centers. These solutions provide diverse and adaptable networking options customized for cloud data centers. They are designed to tackle the continuous increase in data center traffic and the growing need for high-bandwidth solutions in extensive 400G data center networks.

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