FS and Pica8 Announced a Strategic Partnership to Jointly Promote the Development of Open Networks

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Palo Alto, California, Oct 16th, 2023—FS and Pica8 are delighted to announce a strategic partnership. Pica8 has officially authorized FS to sell its full product range, including but not limited to PicOS®, PicOS-V, and the AmpCon™ Network Controller, covering a wide spectrum of applications ranging from 1G to 400G speeds. Meanwhile, customers will benefit from ongoing services to meet their network customization and future upgrade needs.

FS × Pica8

FS has been dedicated to providing professional and reliable network products and solutions for customers in the networking industry, with end-to-end service capabilities covering product development, testing, and supply. While Pica8 has excellent research and development strength and a wealth of professional service experience in the open networking software field. PicOS® is an open network operating system and is compatible with a wide range of open network switches. The AmpCon™ network controller enables automated network management. Furthermore, Pica8 offers a free Virtual Machine (VM) - PicOS-V, making it easier for customers to experience software features without additional hardware investments.

Daniel Xiang, CEO of FS stated, "Pica8's remarkable software development capabilities and innovative approach have greatly impressed us. We look forward to delving into open networking technology together with Pica8, and consistently delivering network products and solutions with both high reliability and distinctive service to our customers."

"We have high expectations for our partnership with FS and we are confident about it," stated the person in charge of Pica8. "We anticipate delivering more reliable and efficient network products and solutions to customers, and jointly driving innovation and development in open networking."

Both parties express their commitment to strengthening future cooperation, gaining deeper insights into customer needs, and powering the advancement and development of open networking. This will be achieved through the provision of dependable, adaptable, efficient, and scalable software and hardware solutions to clientele in the enterprise, SMB, data center, and ISP market segments.

At present, customers can procure the PicOS®, PicOS-V, and the AmpCon™, along with comprehensive service support, through FS. Additionally, FS offers 12 open network switches compatible with PicOS®, ranging from 1G to 400G. In the future, FS will continue to expand the range of compatible hardware and related services, including the upcoming 800G open network switches.

About FS

FS (www.fs.com) is a global provider of ICT network products and solutions, serving data centers, enterprises, and telecom networks around the world. With the vision to redefine service and products in the industry, FS is committed to addressing the unique needs of IT professionals. Through the development of its expert personnel, advanced labs, and localized service centers, FS is dedicated to delivering timely solutions. Through an embrace of ongoing technology evolution and strategic brand collaborations, FS has effectively served a global enterprise clientele base of over 300,000 in more than 200 countries.

About Pica8

Pica8 is a leading innovator in the development of open network systems, specializing in software-defined networking (SDN) open systems and open network switches. Pica8’s AmpCon™ Network Controller for centralized management and automation and PicOS® Software Switches for networking and security have been successfully utilized across enterprise campuses, data centers, and distributed site networks, and have earned recognition from global Fortune 500 companies.

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