FS and Rosenberger Announced Their Collaboration on Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions

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Outdoor Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions

November 10th, 2021 – FS.com, a high-speed communication solution provider for data centers, enterprises, and telecom networks, announced its cooperation with Rosenberger, one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed interconnect solutions, on supplying NEX10-FO and Q-RMC outdoor connectors for reliable and durable fiber connectivity in outdoor harsh environments.

High-speed data transmission in today’s global mobile communication networks demands a highly efficient network infrastructure. The NEX10-FO serves as an optical connector with 2 Fibers connector while Q-RMC is a multi-core optical fiber connector which can support up to 12 Fibers. Both are designed to meet the existing and future infrastructure efficiency demands of the mobile communication (FTTA), DAS, 5G base station, smart grid interconnections, high-speed railway signal control and industrial automation, which greatly speed the installation time while offering stable and robust data transfer.

FS CEO Daniel Xiang stressed, "We are pleased to partner with Rosenberger who has a shared vision with us to provide customer-centric products and services whilst meeting our superior quality objectives. Together, we can enhance and strengthen our offering to the global marketplace."

"Reliability and competitiveness are the cornerstones of our sustainable growth, so we value every long-term partnership with most of the leading companies in their respective industries." Laurence Miao, Vice President of Rosenberger Asia Pacific said.

Through this cooperation, both FS and Rosenberger are expecting to provide clients with top-notch optical fiber interconnect solutions, meeting the requirements for stable and reliable data transmission in the harsh outdoor environment, and benefits the technological innovation of fiber connectivity.

About Rosenberger

Rosenberger is one of the world leading manufacturers of high-speed interconnect solutions, by opening of local companies around the world, which provide a wide range of standardized and customized solutions in Radio Frequency, Fiber Optic, and High-Voltage Connectivity areas. Since 2005, Rosenberger has been honored with the Bavarian Quality Award three times. The consistent quality philosophy is a fundamental part of Rosenberger corporate strategy. For more information about Rosenberger, please visit www.rosenberger.com and www.rosenbergerap.com

About FS

FS.com (www.fs.com) is a high-speed communication product and solution provider for connecting and securing global data center, enterprise, and telecom networks. FS is dedicated to fulfilling product systems and tailoring project solutions for IT professionals with immediate services by developing its talents, labs, and local service center. Through continuous technology upgrade and brand partnership, FS services customers across 200 countries – with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative solution portfolio.

Original Source: Business Wire - FS and Rosenberger Announced Their Collaboration on Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions

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