FS Announces Carrier-Grade 100G-LR4 Transceivers for 5G Network

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

June 16th, FS News - FS has announced the official launch of carrier-grade 100G LR4 transceivers for commercial temperature, which are designed for telecom, ISP, and 5G wireless network indoor deployments.

5G telecom network has higher requirements on transceiver performance indicators like stability and reliability than that in data centers, which has spawned FS carrier-grade 100G LR4 module to meet the indoor deployment demands of 5G midhaul and backhaul. This module adopts innovative BOX packaging technology with a complicated manufacturing technique. It creates obvious performance advantages such as low insertion loss, excellent high-speed signal quality, optimized heat dissipation, good reliability with no susceptibility to temperature and humidity, making it quite suitable for telecom applications requiring a long iteration cycle. This 100G module serving as telecom solutions also features the followings:

  • LAN WDM DML laser and PIN Receiver Array

  • Supports 103.1Gb/s aggregate bit rate

  • Maximum link length of 10km on single-mode fiber

  • Maximum power consumption 3.5W

The carrier-grade 100G LR4 transceivers are high-quality solutions for telecom and 5G networks, while another FS 100G LR4 module with COB packaging serves cost-effectively for data center applications. Focusing on optical communications products for more than ten years, FS has been persisting in optimizing and upgrading 100G optical module product and solution system for present and future network deployment in data centers, telecoms, and 5G network.

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