FS Announces Sponsorship of Insomnia Gaming Festival i69

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FS will sponsor Insomnia Gaming Festival i69 this August, serving as the official network solution provider

August 25th, 2022 - FS.com, the high-speed communication solution provider for data centers, enterprises, and telecom networks, has announced that they will be the Insomnia Gaming Festival i69's key network solution sponsor from August 26th to 29th, to provide an ultra-fast gaming experience for gamers on site.

Insomnia Gaming Festival is a celebration of all things gaming, including e-sports tournaments, BYOC, cosplay, VR, and much more, which attracts thousands of game enthusiasts approaching every year. This summer, the UK's biggest LAN party is to take place at the NEC Birmingham once again. With 2000+ gamers competing simultaneously and 3000+ people visiting Expo per day for the 4-day non-stop party, ensuring a stable and flawless network connection is critical.

Insomnia Gaming Festival

FS is honored to take the opportunity to deliver a high-performance network switching solution for this game event. FS networking switches as represented by FS N5860 series, S5860 series, and S3900 series switches will bear the role of getting thousands of gamers online at the same time. Featuring average latency of less than 1μs and advanced functions such as PFC, ECN, and RoCE, FS switches enable peak performance with incredible network speeds and superior bandwidth during the event.

"The event network backbone is now entirely FS gear," Mathew, Network Administrator of the Insomnia Gaming Festival i69 said, "The end result is that we ran the best network we have ever been able to deliver and experienced no bottleneck for the 2000 gamers between them and the core." He believes the success of this event will benefit from the high performance and fast-speed FS networks bring to the whole party.

The partnership between FS.com and Insomnia Gaming Festival i69 is the first time that FS has sponsored a national gaming festival. Also, it is an opportunity for FS to expand its collective reach in the U.K. market. Since FS U.K. Office was set up in Birmingham in 2018, FS has continuously improved its network equipment and services for various industries in the U.K. market. Recently, a new U.K. warehouse is under construction, which is expected to bring more benefits to U.K. customers and clients. 

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