New Arrival of Massive FS 400G QSFP-DD Module & DAC Inventory

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

November 6th, FS News - FS is delighted to announce that a host of 400G QSFP-DD modules & DACs compatible with mainstream brands have all newly arrived in its global warehouses. This move is aimed at facilitating highly efficient and trouble-free 400G deployment in data centers.

400G has obviously become a new trend for the high-speed communications industry, and 400G modules & DAC cables then deservedly turn into the market focus. However, undersupply remains a major concern for 400G deployments. FS has been deeply diving into the industry with a keen focus on market demands and takes the lead to introduce 400G QSFP-DD-DR4/LR4/FR4/XDR4/SR8/LR8/ER8 modules & DAC cables compatible with Cisco/Juniper/Arista/Dell/FS/Generic brands. Sufficient 400G modules & DACs are stocked in FS global warehouses ready to ship out.

FS 400G Transceiver Modules

For these new arrivals, in order to guarantee superior signal quality in high-speed transmission, all FS 400G modules are equipped with industry-leading Broadcom PAM4 DSP chips and 400G DAC cables adopt Foam Skin and EMC Shielding technologies for smaller bending radius. Moreover, FS fully understands how important 400G module testing is to promote the successful implementation of 400G optics. FS 400G modules & DACs have all passed rigorous performance and compatibility tests in the testing lab and reach or even exceed industry standards.

Over the past couple of years, FS has made some inspiring progress on 400G. With the aspiration to gear up 400G large-scale deployment in data centers, we will continue to adhere to product R&D and quality management and also continuously bring the greatest value and benefits back to our customers.

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