FS April 2022 Product Updates

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Welcome back to FS Monthly Products Update! We have enriched our transceiver product family including 800G high-speed transceivers, DAC/AOC cables, and 10G industrial transceivers. And there are also lots of new products, such as 200G/400G muxponders, S5850 series switches, various cables, NMC-SNMP card, etc. Please keep reading about what's new.

800G Transceivers and Cables for High-speed Connectivity

In April, FS launched five new 800G transceivers, including 800G OSFP XDR4, 800G OSFP PLR8, 800G OSFP DR8, 800G QSFP-DD DR8, and 800G OSFP XDR8. They have a built-in Broadcom 7nm DSP chip with a maximum power consumption of 16.5W, saving energy and reducing heat dissipation. The newly launched 800G modules are in QSFP or QSFP-DD pluggable packages with great flexibility. The built-in digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM) enhances their reliability. Therefore, FS 800G transceivers are an ideal solution for higher bandwidth hyperscale data centers and cloud architectures.

To meet 800G connection requirements, FS also newly launched MTP®-16 OS2 Trunk cables and MTP®-16 breakout cables for use with the above 800G transceivers. Featuring US Conec MTP® Connector and Corning SMF-28® Ultra Fiber, these MTP cables are designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers, saving space and reducing cable management troubles.

800G Transceivers and Cables

DAC/AOC for 100G/200G/400G Networks

FS's newly launched DAC/AOC cables have been tested in targeted switches to ensure superior performance, quality, and reliability. They are optimized to simplify cabling and provide a cost-effective solution for short links. FS 100G/200G DACs support low insertion loss and ultra-low crosstalk to improve performance. The 400G AOC meets Class 1 laser safety, offering high reliability. Please check the specifications of our DAC/AOC cables in the lists below.

Category Form Factor Power Consumption Minimum Bend Radius
100G Active DAC QSFP28 to 4×25G SFP28 ≤1.8W 33mm
200G Active DAC QSFP56 to QSFP56 ≤1.5W 33mm
400G AOC QSFP-DD to 4×QSFP56 400G <10W 30mm

10G Industrial Transceivers for Harsh Industrial Environments

FS released a 10G BiDi SFP+ module supporting up to 40km link lengths and a 10G ZR SFP+ module supporting up to 80km transmission. They also support advanced features like Class 1 laser safety and digital diagnostics monitoring, providing powerful performance and reliability. More importantly, the new 10G transceivers can operate in industrial temperatures ranging from -40° to 85°C and can work in harsh industrial environments, such as factories, rail and intelligent transportation systems, mines, etc.

Transponder & Muxponder & Open Line System

In April, FS launched a range of new products for high-capacity optical transport networks, including 200G/400G muxponder, EDFA, optical protection switch, and NX N40 stackable unloaded chassis. They support SDN management for flexible operation and feature the following highlights, making them ideal solutions for enterprise, data center, campus, and metro networks.

200G Muxponder & 400G Muxponder

  • 200G/400G High Capacity for 1000KM/200KM Long Haul Transmission

  • Support G.709 FEC and SD-FEC Error Correction

  • Support Wavelength Modulation


  • 27±5dB Variable Gain, Gain Flattened

  • Support White Noise Mode

  • AGC and APC Operation Modes

Optical Protection Switch

  • Support OCP1+1, OMSP1+1, OLP1+1 Protection

  • Real-time Monitoring of Standby Optical Power

  • Protect 1290nm to 1330nm, 1510nm to 1605nm Multiple Wavelengths

NX N40 Stackable Unloaded Chassis

  • Support up to 400 Gbps Per Wavelength for 3.2Tbps Capacity

  • 8 Slots, 2U 19” Stackable Chassis Unit for DCI Traffic Cards

  • Support LLDP, TACAS, RADIUS, and AES-256 to Ensure Network Security

  • Pluggable Redundancy Fans and Power Supplies

Cables' Colors Improvement for Convenient Cabling

According to the color-coding scheme, FS categorized or unifies MTP cables, regular patch cables, fiber cassettes, and fiber optic panels based on their colors to help customers distinguish these products conveniently and identify them quickly. For example, the number of cores of MTP cables can be distinguished by their jacket colors, which are gray for 8 cores, black for 12 cores, and red for 24 cores.

And FS also released customized OM4 MTP-12F cable and MTP-24F cable with rose connectors to further facilitate systematic cabling management. Similarly, to help clients simplify cable management, FS has launched Cat6a patch cords in red, yellow, and green.

In addition to the color-coding scheme for ease of management, FS cables ensure cabling flexibility and high-performance transmission, which are cost-effective solutions for various applications.

FS Cables

S5850 Series Switches with Advanced Features

FS newly launched S5850 switches support a wide range of advanced features, offering high performance, high port density, and low latency. For example, they support MLAG, which enables device-level redundancy and guarantees uninterrupted service. Please check the table below for more details on their design and features.

Due to their powerful performance and reliability, FS S5850 switches support a wide range of applications to meet the diverse needs of customers. S5850-24S2C switch is suitable for next-generation metro and enterprise networks, and it is also ideal for traditional or fully virtualized data centers. S5850-24XMG is well-suited to both the core and aggregation layers, enabling it to meet requirements of next-generation enterprise, Wi-Fi 6 Access, Metro, and HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) networks.

  S5850-24S2C S5850-24XMG
Ports 24x1/10G SFP+ | 2x40/100G QSFP28 24x10/100/1000M/2.5G/5G/10GBASE-T | 2x 100G QSFP28
Switching Capacity 880 Gbps 880 Gbps
Forwarding Rate 540Mpps 654 Mpps
Power Supply 2 (1+1 Redundancy) Hot-swappable 2 (1+1 Redundancy) Hot-swappable
Fan Number 3 (2+1 Redundancy) Built-in 4 (2+2 Redundancy) Hot-swappable
Features for Security Support SSH, ACL, AAA, 802.1X, RADIUS, TACACS+, etc. Support SSH, ACL, AAA, 802.1X, RADIUS, TACACS+, etc.
Features for Flexible Operation Support CLI/WEB/SNMP/RMON/Syslog Support CLI/WEB/SNMP/RMON/Syslog

NMC-SNMP Card for Remote UPS Management

FS NMC-SNMP (SNMP card) is UPS monitoring equipment that allows users to conveniently perform remote control of the UPS, achieving optimal system management. It has the email alarm function, which will notify administrators via email immediately when a power failure occurs. Featuring hot-swappable design, the SNMP card can be quickly installed and run without shutting down the system. Moreover, the web interface for UPS management is user-friendly, on which users can conveniently find vital status information, perform advanced settings, and run battery tests.


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