FS Builds a UK Transshipment Warehouse to Provide Better Localization Services

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December 02, 2022——FS.com officially announces that the warehouse in Birmingham, UK is being put into use this week. The purpose of establishing the warehouse is to improve the logistics transportation and customer service system and better achieve localized services.


Since Brexit, relevant policies have had some important impacts on customs logistics. Customers who expect to cooperate with FS are faced with inevitable problems, such as logistics and customs clearance, which greatly affect the customer experience. Therefore, FS decided to build a transshipment warehouse in the UK to improve the logistics transportation and customer service system.

"Trust from our customers is an important cornerstone for us to continuously strengthen our products and services. We must fully consider customer demands, solve current problems, and enhance customer experience." FS CEO Daniel said, "The UK warehouse is also one of the important development plans to improve the logistics transportation and customer service system."

After fully considering relevant factors such as urban warehouse group planning and urban transportation policies, we set up the warehouse in Unit8, Urban Express Park, Birmingham. Urban Express Park is located at the entrance of the Advance Manufacturing Hub, just off junction 6 of the M6, servicing the city center and greater Birmingham.

The warehouse with an operation center, covers an area of 445㎡, which can directly connect with local customers and local logistics companies, and handle the receipt and delivery of domestic transshipment orders in the UK. There are two local logistics methods: DPD and DHL services. Customers can choose the service of next day delivery or agreed date delivery to realize the timeliness of local logistics.


About FS.com Inc.

FS.com Inc ( www.fs.com ), as a world-renowned brand supplier in the field of communication equipment and accessories, is deeply involved in the field of network communication, product development and design, and provides high-speed network product systems and customized project solutions for global technology companies program and provide instant service. Through continuous technology upgrades, professional end-to-end supply chain, and brand partnership with top vendors, FS services customers across nearly 200 countries – with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative solution portfolio.

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