FS.COM and US Conec Partner on Supplying MTP® Series Products

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June 19th, FS News - FS.com, a high-speed communication product and solution provider for data centers, enterprises, and telecom networks, collaborated with US Conec, a leader in providing passive components for high density optical interconnects, to supply MTP® brand cable assembly products for high density data center applications.

With the ever-growing demands on high speed networks, MTP® cabling systems are required to provide more connections in limited space applications. “Each FS MTP® cable uses US Conec's MTP® connectors to ensure stable and highly effective interconnections of MTP® cabling infrastructure in data center environments. US Conec's MTP® connectors are recognized as the industry leading high density cabling solution for low insertion loss, excellent optical performance and space saving advantages.” said Daniel Xiang, CEO of FS.com, “In addition to MTP® cabling products, FS.com has introduced ancillary products from the MTP® family including MTP® cleaners, MTP® adapters and field tools for MTP® PRO connector.”

MTP® cleaners

  • Clean ferrules of MT based connectors with simple push for cabling assemblies and field installation

MTP® adapters

  • Compatible with all US Conec MTP® brand connectors from 4 to 72 fibers for coupling and debris protection

Field tools for MTP® PRO connector

  • Simple change of MTP® PRO cable polarity and pins in less than a minute

“We are excited to partner with FS.com to deliver optical technology and connectivity solutions that will drive the next generation of communications infrastructure worldwide,” states Joe Graham, President of US Conec. “FS.com has demonstrated strong market access and we feel that together we can deliver superior value to our collective customer base.”

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.

About US Conec

US Conec (www.usconec.com) is a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects. With nearly 30 years of innovative experience, the company provides industry leading components for data center and enterprise structured cabling, public networks, on-board optical interconnects, industrial and military markets worldwide. Key product developments include single-mode and multimode MT-style and custom multi-fiber ferrules, MTP® brand MPO connectors, MXC® connectors, PRIZM® LightTurn® and PRIZM® MT lensed ferrule technology, ELiMENT™ single fiber connector solutions, IBC™ brand fiber optic cleaning solutions, termination equipment for multi-fiber interconnects, and high precision optical packaging components. US Conec is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, and is an equity venture of three leading communication technology companies—Corning Optical Communications, Fujikura, and NTT-AT.

About FS.com

FS.com (www.fs.com) is a high-speed communication product and solution provider for connecting and securing global data center, enterprise, and telecom networks. FS.com is dedicated to fulfilling product systems and tailoring project solutions for IT professionals with immediate services by developing its talents, labs and local service center. Through continuous technology innovation and brand partnership, FS products and solutions have served more than 300,000+ customers in over 200 countries.

Original Source: Business Wire--FS.com and US Conec Partner on Supplying MTP® Series Products

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