Updated on Mar 26, 2022

Dear Customers and Partners,

Like many of you, we have spent the last several weeks learning about the COVID-19 and how it is impacting our world. For FS, that means understanding how it affects our employees, clients, communities, and then making the necessary adjustments to our business operations.

We will continue to monitor the situation with the priority of maintaining the health of our employees while minimizing the business impacts for our valued customers and partners. We are closely following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Division of Public Health. Additionally, we created Action and Response protocols at our offices and distribution centers to protect our employees and to ensure safe environments.

Facing the changing circumstances and impacts caused by COVID-19, FS understands the importance for everyone to stay connected. At this time, our distribution centers will remain operational until further notice as we evaluate the situation. Considering that the public service utilities are facing enormous challenges, FS opened a Green Channel for equipment in urgent needs. As soon as customers notify us that the equipment will be used to respond to COVID-19, we will escalate the order priority and accelerate the delivery in the best way we can. We continue to provide an excellent level of service during this unprecedented time that our customers have always expected from FS.

We are doing everything possible to mitigate supply chain and service impacts, including collaborating with our manufacturers and vendors to monitor and advise of potential issues. In the past years, we have been steadily building our stockholding of standard products. Our current inventory position is strong, and we are closely monitoring inventory status to provide access to the products in need. Currently, our products will be shipped directly from our local warehouse. We are working around the clock to launch our GSP (Global Shipping Program), that allows products to be delivered across the borders, hassle-free.

FS will stand firmly with our customers and take the responsibility to support our customers' network function. As this is a live situation, FS will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed.

Thank you for trusting us with your business.

My best wishes to you and your families



Daniel Xiang

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