FS Enterprise Campus Wired & Wireless Solutions 

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

Leading Campus Networks into the Fast and Safe Wi-Fi 6 Era

October 28th, FS News - FS is delighted to unveil long-awaited enterprise campus wired & wireless solutions, with the mission of leading campus networks into the fast and safe Wi-Fi 6 era.

Following the rapid expansion of mobile business in all industries, enterprise campuses are facing huge network demands for faster data transmission and greater device access capability. These have driven Wi-Fi 6 born as the next-gen wireless network, which is ready to power entirely new mobile experiences and also further pushes wired networks to upgrade to a higher level.

“FS innovates a series of integrated Wi-Fi 6 solutions tailored for small and midsize enterprise campuses, achieving a strong convergence of wired and wireless networks. Our goal is to bring an enhanced campus network experience with larger bandwidth, multi-service access, higher business security to all industries” states George Yeung, FS R&D manager.

FS brand-new Wi-Fi 6 enterprise campus solution product portfolios, combining 10G core switch, 10G PoE++ switch, Gigabit access switch, Gigabit PoE+ switch, Wi-Fi 6 access point, wireless LAN controller, multi-service security gateway, aim to help modern enterprises promote business development and upgrade the operating experience in all aspects.

  • AP-W6T6817C

    Triband Wi-Fi 6 AP for high-density

  • AP-W6D2400C

    Economical high-speed Wi-Fi 6 AP

  • AC-224AP

    Perfect partner for AP management

  • SG-5110

    Multi-functional security gateway

  • S5860-20SQ

    Performance-leading 10G core switch

  • S5860-24XB-U

    90W/port PoE++ switch for Wi-Fi 6 AP

  • S3910-48/24TS

    48/24-port reliable Gigabit access switch

  • S3410-24TS-P

    Energy-efficient 740W PoE+ switch

Featuring Wi-Fi 6 immersive-experience applications, FS enterprise campus wired & wireless solutions have realized a redundancy architecture that ensures uninterrupted business and enabled a unified management system for increased operational efficiency. By virtue of these next-gen Wi-Fi 6 solutions, business capabilities are expected to upgrade to a higher level.


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