FS Ethernet Cable Passes the Fluke Test to Meet Industry TIA/ISO Standards

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Using a quality Ethernet cable to connect devices to the internet is reliable and secure, you'll experience less network stuttering without any interference from other devices, walls, etc. To provide customers with excellent ehternet cables, FS has conducted fluke tests ensuring that all our cables can meet some rather exacting specifications defined by the industry TIA/ISO standards. As a result, FS Ethernet cables have won praises from our customers.

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How FS Ensure Ethernet Cable Quality

FS Ethernet Cable Fluke Test

We have selected 3 network cables of Cat6 Patch Cord, Cat6 Trunk Cable, Cat6a Trunk Cable, and made 3 Fluke Tests: Patch Cord Testing, Channel Testing, and Permanent Link Testing. You can learn more about the testings in this article Fluke Test for Copper Cable.

In the testings, we have tested the insertion & return loss value, line sequence, and wavelength of insertion loss of these network cables with different Fluke testers. It might be clearer in operation through this testing video.

FS Ethernet Cable Fluke Test Reports

Belowings are Fluke test reports including |atch cord testing, channel testing, and permanent link testing of FS Ethernet Cables.

Report 1: TIA Cat6 Patch Cord Testing Explained

Report 1 certifies the performance of FS Cat6 patch cord itself. Since patch cord testing is the most stringent type of certification in Fluke Test, it only has two critical performance parameters namely the NEXT and RL to certify whether the patch cord meets TIA or ISO transmission standards. The larger the value, the better the result. The report indicates that both NEXT and RL of FS Cat6 patch cables surpass the limit line and have passed the Fluke Patch Cord Testing successfully.

Fluke Patch Cord Testing

Report 1: Fluke Patch Cord Testing

Report 2: TIA Cat6 Trunk Cable Channel Testing Explained

Report 2 certifies that FS quality compliant Cat6 trunk cable has passed the Fluke Channel Testing. The rest shows the worst case margins and worst case values for the worst pairs and at what frequency they occurred and detailed graphical results for NEXT, PS NEXT, ACR-F, PS ACR-F, ACR-N, PS ACR-N and RL. Since all these parameters indicate the allowable values left behind, the larger the value, the better the result. The plot data below indicates that the values of NEXT and RL are clearly much better than industry standards.

Fluke Channel Testing

Report 2: Fluke Channel Testing

Report 3: TIA Cat6a Trunk Cable Permanent Link Testing Explained

Report 3 certifies that FS quality compliant Cat6a trunk cable has passed the Fluke Permanent Link Testing. All the test parameters in Permanent Link Testing are nearly the same with those of Channel Testing. The report here clearly shows that the parameters specified here are guaranteed of a certain level of margin above the limit line.

Fluke Permanent Link Testing

Report 3: Fluke Permanent Link Testing



Every professional Fluke test is providing a quality assurance to customers. According to above Fluke Test reports, these FS patch cords are 100% tested to the full requirements of industry TIA/ISO standards. All of our ethernet cables have passed Fluke tests. FS will always adhere to providing cost-effective and high-quality products to benefit your network.

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