FS FHD Product Family for High-Density Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions

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FS has officially registered and patented the trademark "FHD®" in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. FHD®, short for FS High Density, is a registered trademark of FS.COM Ltd. It has been approved in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. The FHD™ trademark registration is still in the works in the EU, Singapore, Australia, and China. The company also plans to have the trademark registered in other countries and regions.

FS FHD product family is designed to benefit data centers and enterprises faced with ever-increasing demands to boost the density of fiber optic cabling for high-speed data transmission.

FHD Series Products — Versatile and Reliable for Data Center & Enterprise

For over a decade, FS has been committed to providing reliable and innovative fiber optic products and cabling solutions for data centers and enterprises. The FHD product family, a special addition to our product portfolio, proves to be a versatile and reliable solution for high-density optical interconnects.

Multiple product types and sizes to meet diverse application needs

FS FHD products come in multiple product types including FHD fiber adapter panels, FHD fiber optic cassettes, FHD fiber optic enclosures, and FHD CWDM/DWDM Mux Demux. They are available in different sizes and types of design to meet diverse application needs. Whether used in data centers, company offices, equipment rooms, or home labs, FS FHD products can deliver high performance, stability, and ease of use.

High-density flexible system to make optimal use of space

With a novel design focused on simplicity and reliability, FS FHD products enable a high-density flexible system to make optimal use of space. FS FHD enclosures, panels and cassettes can be used in Equipment Distribution Area (EDA), Main Distribution Area (MDA), and Horizontal Distribution Area (HDA) of data centers to help connect network equipment quickly and efficiently.

Explore FS FHD Product Family

FS is well prepared to address the need for smart, cost-efficient fiber optic cabling solutions. The following is a detailed introduction to FS FHD product family. Let's see how FS FHD fiber optic products speak for themselves.

FHD Fiber Adapter Panels

With durable and high-density features, FHD fiber adapter panels provide a means to connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling. Used with FHD series enclosure and splice tray for fusion splicing application or pre-terminated Plug-n-Play cabling system, they are a more stable, compact solution for your network.

  • Fully compatible with all FHD fiber optic enclosures

  • Fit into 1U, up to 144 LC fibers

  • 6/8/12/24/36/48 fibers for diverse density application scenarios

  • Available in various interface types, such as ST, SC, LC, MDC, MTP, and Blank Styles

  • Tool-less snap installation for easier moves, adds, and changes


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FHD fiber adapter panels

FHD Fiber Optic Cassettes

FS FHD fiber optic cassettes can snap quickly into rack enclosures or wall mount enclosures. The unique one-piece modular design makes it easier to deploy or expand your cabling infrastructure as your network speed rate grows. The sliding drawer also improves front access for cabling. The diverse cassette models offer versatile solutions for different network requirements.

  • Fully compatible with all FHD fiber optic enclosures

  • Fit into 1U, up to 144 LC fibers

  • Offer Rear 8/12/24/36/48-fiber MTP® adapters routed to front LC/SC/MDC adapters

  • US Conec MTP® adapter and Corning ClearCurve® fiber ensure high performance

  • Tool-less snap installation for easier moves, adds, and changes


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FHD fiber optic cassettes

FHD Fiber Optic Enclosures

FS FHD fiber enclosure provides versatility and flexibility with a fully modular solution for a variety of fiber optic patching, terminating and splicing applications. They come in a rich range of types including sliding & tilt-down, fixed, sliding, modular, blank enclosures, making them a versatile solution for different cabling needs.

  • Compatible with all FHD fiber optic cassettes, panels, and CWDM/DWDM Mux Demux

  • Space saving 1U/2U/4U design for diverse density application scenarios

  • Offered in rack mount and wall mount types for cabling flexibility


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FHD fiber enclosure


FS FHD CWDM/DWDM Mux Demux interconnects seamlessly with transponders, muxponders, and third-party WDM products, to form cost-effective high-capacity CWDM/DWDM tailored solutions. They can support a wide range of architectures from simple point-to-point to amplified ring configurations. As a single fiber can be shared for multiple different data or services in WDM networks, FS FHD CWDM/DWDM Mux Demux maximizes the usefulness of fiber and generates substantial savings.

  • Fully compatible with all FHD fiber optic enclosures, up to 32 channels 1U

  • Multiplexing of up to 8 channels on fiber pair to maximize existing fiber use

  • Low insertion loss with unique port design

  • Compliant with all optical networking products (ITU Grid)


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FHD is Not the End

The registered trademark "FHD®" is a big step for FS as it keeps innovating and providing professional, agile fiber optic cabling products and solutions for high-density optical interconnects. Driven by information technology and digitalization, FS will always be devoted to the R&D and design of networking products so as to meet the evolving needs of global customers. Go to FS.com to discover how FS helps move business forward.

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