FS Germany Expands Its Warehouse Capacity And Relocates To Better Meet The Growing Demand In Europe

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Munich, January 17, 2024 — With rapid business growth and a substantial increase in staff, FS.com GmbH will relocate its current warehouse in Neufahrn, scheduled from January 18th to the 19th. This relocation marks a significant milestone for FS, as we continue to improve service levels and technical support capabilities, creating a more efficient and convenient shopping experience for customers.

FS Germany Warehouse Relocation

Key benefits of the new location include:

More Space, More Efficiency: At our new location, we expand our warehouse capacity to almost 6,300 square meters, four times as much as before, providing a broader space for future business development. With a larger inventory of best-selling products, including switches, optical modules, and enterprise networking equipment. The increased inventory capacity ensures that products can be shipped the same day and delivered to customers in the fastest and most convenient shipping method.

Modernized Facilities, Enhanced Service Level: The new office space not only offers a more comfortable and spacious working environment, but also increased technical equipment and infrastructure. The objective is to accommodate a larger number of technical staff who can address technical issues on-site more conveniently and promptly, ensuring that our technical support can serve every customer in a highly efficient manner.

Green and Sustainable, Social Responsibility: Moreover, FS.com GmbH's new office is ESG-qualified and focuses on achieving economic use of resources and energy in the management and utilization of logistic assets, reducing emissions and promoting ecological balance.

In the future, FS will continue to strengthen its capabilities in test verification, solution design, warehousing and logistics, technical support, local onsite installation, and after-sales service, and focus on digital technology innovation and core technology development. "We hope to maintain our high standards of quality and customer service with this expansion." said Daniel Xiang, CEO of FS. "Our goal is to realize a positive interaction between corporate economic value and social worth, ultimately creating shared value and promoting sustainable development for both the enterprise and society at large."

Relocation Plan:

1. Moving Dates: January 18th to 20th, with the German warehouse closed on the 18th and 19th.

2. Transition Arrangements: During the relocation period, we will ensure that we minimize the impact on business operations and maintain close communication with our customers and partners.

3. Changes in Contact Information:  Please make sure to update our address and other information.

About FS Germany

FS.com GmbH, established in 2017, is a subsidiary of FS in Germany. Since its incorporation, we have been committed to providing German clients with high-quality products and network solutions tailored for various scenarios including HPC supercomputing, data centers, enterprise networks, and ISPs, aiding them in achieving digital transformation. Our German warehouse covers Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark and other European regions except the UK. Orders placed before 4pm will be processed and handed over to our logistics partners DHL Express, UPS and Fedex/TNT on the same day.

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