FS Hands Over 1000 Isolation Gowns to Assist New York's COVID-19 Fight

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

April 2nd, FS News – As the state government is struggling to get enough supplies to bolster hospital surge capacity amid the COVID-19 outbreak, FS stepped up to donate 1000 protection gowns to New York in March, 31st to help battle the ongoing pandemic.

FS donate to fight covid-19.JPG

It has been a tough few weeks for everyone combating the COVID-19 outbreak. The protective gear is in dire needs to support people in critical professions, since the pandemic puts worldwide demand surging. FS, as a committed network solution provider and partner to the US business, government and society, feeling obligated to support efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus. In times of this massive transformation, we are still here to ensure our customers, partners and communities take advantage of technology and to access the equipment and connectivity you need to stay productive.

The COVID-19 is more than a threat of life, so it is vital to stay focus and make positive impacts in every effort. FS is rallying our employees to offer sales and customer service to support customers from medical facilities, government agencies, infrastructure, and other businesses in this time of need. And we believe that together, we will get through this difficulty with kindness, strength and patient.

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