FS Introduces a Series of Security Monitoring System Products for a Safer Life

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

September 10th, FS News - FS announces the new release of the latest security monitoring system products which include network cameras and network video recorders for all-round security for your business, everywhere and every moment. These new security monitoring system products will be used to monitor the dynamic of the area in real time and record the scenario clearly for the safety of production and life.

The Necessity of Security Monitoring System Products

Monitoring system products, complementary to smart city construction, are extremely necessary to be applied to bring convenience to people's life and also add luster to urban development, such as supermarkets, schools, enterprise zones, all of which are related to the characteristics of network cameras. Below are some features of them:

Intelligent alert:

  • area intrusion alarm could provide the alarm time for the first time

  • voice talk-back could send out alerts via camera

  • support video event tracing

Convenient management: guard station/guard viewer is simple to operate, easy to manage, and supervised anytime and anywhere.

App remote control: independent accounts support parents to check student life and learning and remote view can be viewed at any time in network environment.

High-definition monitor: support 8MP resolution, high-definition monitor supporting 5MP resolution with extraordinary high cost-efectiveness is also available.

The launch of different models of NVR can support up to 32 cameras connected at the same time and resolution of up to 12MP.

All the cameras have been available at FS.com. For more information, please check out Video Surveillance.

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