FS IP PBX: Optimal for Small Businesses

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As companies gradually expand, many companies find traditional phone systems are not only expensive to maintain but also limited in supporting employee decentralization. To keep all communications unimpeded, companies start to deploy VoIP-based phone system—IP PBX. IP PBXs offer dependable performance at lower communication costs and can provide advanced phone system features such as mobility, call routing, conferencing, etc. FS IP PBXs are innovative, affordable, practical, secure, and reliable, making them an optimal choice for small businesses.

FS IP PBX Models

FS IP PBXs are available in two models that have excellent performance such as a large number of extensions and concurrent calls and support extensive functions such as IVR and voicemail. The following is a simple overview of them.

  IP PBX-U502 IP PBX-D503
SIP Extensions 500 600
Concurrent Calls 60 150
Interactive Voice Response(IVR) Multi-level Multi-level
System Memory 32GB EMMC 16GB EMMC+1TB Suveillance HDD
Power Supplies 1+1 Power Supply, 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz AC 100-240V, Max. 1.5A
Voicemail / Voice Recording Support Support


Highlights of FS IP PBXs

With powerful hardware design, innovative software features, and outstanding performance in configuration and security, FS IP PBXs can help small businesses to build powerful and scalable unified communication and collaboration solutions.

Powerful Hardware and Software Performance

Thanks to their superior hardware designs, FS IP PBXs support PSTN/GSM/WCDMA trunks, ISDN E1/T1 and BRI digital trunk lines, providing various options and meeting different customers' needs.

Similarly, due to their innovative software features, FS IP PBXs can establish a unified communication platform integrating voice, video, paging, fax, conference, recording, and other useful functions. Moreover, both models support voice message storage, with FS PBX-D503 providing up to 15000 hours of call recording and voicemail. And FS PBX-U502 supports flexible dial rules based on time, number or source IP, etc.

Support Multi-level IVR and DID

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system can automatically collect callers' questions and forward them to professional departments, and DID (Direct Inward Dialing) allows businesses to set up virtual numbers that forward incoming calls directly to a related department or individual. With the intelligent calling system, FS VoIP PBXs can help small businesses solve problems effectively, which improve customer satisfaction and save manpower and time costs.

IVR System

Configuration Flexibility

FS PBX-U502 provides four slots and FS PBX-D503 has two slots to install FXO, FXS, Hybird FXU, and E1/T1 boards in a hot-swappable mode, so that they can be flexibly configured according to the actual use scenarios. Any type of telephone card can be flexibly combined to achieve hybrid phone systems. What's more, FS PBX-U502 supports Web GUI configuration and Telnet Management, further enhancing configuration flexibility and management convenience.

High Security

FS PBX-D503 supports intrusion auto-detection and prevention as well as VPN, making it a reassuring choice. Especially, VPN can encrypt the connection between the device and the Internet to secure call information data, providing small business call systems with next-level security.

Application: Ideal for Small Business

FS IP PBXs are optimal for small businesses because of cost savings, scalability, and attractive features. Firstly, IP PBX integrates voice and data networks, sending and receiving voice over Internet. This significantly reduces communication costs. Moreover, FS IP PBXs provide small businesses with high scalability to keep pace with business growth. As business expands, enterprises can use FS IP PBX to easily deploy VoIP phone systems between headquarters and branch offices via varied telephony interfaces and infrastructure, enabling free VoIP calls and sharing communication resources. What's more, FS IP PBXs are easy to configure and manage, and are highly secure due to the intrusion auto-detection feature, making them a cost-effective choice for small businesses.


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