FS Joins Forces with SGTech to Accelerate Singapore's Tech Ecosystem

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June, 2024 - FS, a professional networking solutions provider, has officially joined SGTech, the leading trade association for Singapore's tech industry. This partnership will enable FS to strengthen its commitment to Singapore and collaborate with industry leaders to drive innovation and growth in the country's thriving tech ecosystem.

FS Joins Forces with SGTech to Accelerate Singapore's Tech EcosystemEstablished in 1982, SGTech represents over 1000 member companies ranging from large multinational corporations to dynamic startups. The association serves as an influential voice, championing the interests of its member companies and driving initiatives that cultivate Singapore's growing tech ecosystem.

Through its SGTech membership, FS will gain exclusive access to the organization's comprehensive range of programs and services. This includes opportunities for business matching and industry collaboration, as well as the latest research and insights relevant to the tech sector. The partnership will also enable FS to leverage SGTech's extensive network and global connections to expand its reach and identify new growth avenues.

FS will actively engage with the association's various working groups and committees, contributing its industry expertise to address pressing challenges faced by the tech ecosystem. This collaborative effort will focus on exploring innovative solutions and strategies that can unlock new possibilities for Singapore's digital transformation journey. By participating in the association's work, FS aims to stay ahead of the latest advancements, refine its offerings, and deliver enhanced value to organizations driving digital transformation.

The partnership between FS and SGTech aligns with Singapore's broader efforts to strengthen its position as a global hub for technology and innovation. The country's ongoing investments in developing world-class digital infrastructure, fostering a thriving startup ecosystem, and upskilling its workforce have made it an attractive destination for global technology companies seeking to establish a strategic presence in Asia.

FS's membership in SGTech reflects its global ambitions to forge new industry partnerships. Guided by principles of openness and customer-centricity, FS is poised to leverage this collaborative platform to deliver enhanced connectivity solutions that offer greater flexibility and choice for its customers in Singapore.

About SGTech

SGTech is the leading trade association for Singapore's tech industry. Representing over 1,000 member companies ranging from top multinational corporations, large local enterprises, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovative startups, it is the largest community in Singapore where companies converge to advocate for change and drive what enables tech innovation and accelerates tech adoption to spur greater sustainability in the sector.  SGTech's mission is to catalyse a thriving ecosystem that powers Singapore as a global tech powerhouse.

About FS

FS TECH PTE. LTD. is a trusted provider of ICT products and solutions to enterprise customers worldwide. FS is dedicated to fulfilling high-speed network product systems and tailoring project solutions for global tech companies with immediate services by developing its talents, labs, and local service center. Through continuous technology upgrades, professional end-to-end supply chain, and brand partnership with top vendors, FS services customers across nearly 200 countries – with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative solution portfolio.

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