FS June 2022 Product Updates

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Welcome back to FS Monthly Products Update! We launched many new products in June, including 10G/50G industrial transceivers, 800G transceivers, data center switches, high-density servers and tower servers, panoramic camera, and more. Additionally, we also update some other new products, such as cables, accessories, UPS, etc. Please keep reading about what's new.


FS Servers for Multiple Application Scenarios

FS introduced eight new servers, including five rack servers, one high-density server, and two tower servers.

The new FS high-density servers can be available in cloud computing, high-performance computing (HPC), service providers, and large-scale-out computing server farms. FS tower servers are mainly used in small and medium-sized enterprises, and their services include e-mail information processing, WEB servers, gateways, and print servers.


800G DAC Cables for High-speed Ethernet Connectivity

The 800G QSFP-DD DAC cable launched by FS in June contains 16 pairs of copper wires, each operating at up to 100Gb/s, and can be used as a high-speed, cost-effective alternative to fiber in 800G Ethernet applications. FS 800G QSFP-DD DAC cables enable energy-efficient connections for short-distance interconnects and higher port bandwidth, density, and configurability in the data center.

Additionally, FS introduced 100G QSFP28 DAC Infiniband, which also has low insertion loss and ultra-low crosstalk performance. It can be directly connected with Infiniband switches to complete 100G short-distance transmission.


FS Transceivers Updates

FS Industrial Transceivers for Harsh Industrial Environments

FS has launched CWDM 10G/10G/50G/10G BiDi industrial transceivers suitable for harsh environments. Using single-mode fiber cables, they can achieve long-distance transmission of 40km or 80km, or 100km. These transceivers are suitable for industrial operating temperature range and can work in harsh industrial environments such as telecommunications, industrial and factory automation applications, outdoor applications, transportation systems, marine, oil, and gas, mining, etc.

10G/25G/40G/50G Transceivers For Data Center Connectivity

Apart from industrial transceivers, FS has also updated transceivers with other rates: 10G/25G/40G/50G transceivers. Cabling design provides connectivity options for 25G Ethernet, 10G Ethernet, and data centers. Among them, 40G QSFP+ Infiniband can be directly connected to Infiniband switches and can be used in InfiniBand, data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise kernels, and distribution layer applications.


High-speed Switches for Core Network Deployments

FS launched its new 400G data center switch N9510-64D in June. It cooperates with N8650-24CD8D series switches to build an end-to-end, lossless, low-latency forwarding RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) basic bearer network based on network flow control technologies. Moreover, it can realize core 400G interconnection scenarios such as AI machine learning, big data, high-performance computing, and distributed storage.


There is also a chassis switch SC9400 with multi-rate port combination performance. These ports include 1G/10G/25G/40G/100G, which can meet the diverse network requirements of customers. SC9400 switch can be applied to the core layer of medium and large networks, and the core & aggregation layer of large networks.


As for data center cabling solutions, FS also updated some fiber cables this month to provide more data center connection options and cabling flexibility.

Panoramic Camera 180° Coverage with No Blind Spots

The newly introduced panoramic camera can achieve 180° panoramic coverage, capture 8MP full HD video, and provide detailed information such as license plate numbers and faces. Meanwhile, it comes with IR LED, and the night vision distance can reach 50m (164ft), which can be widely used in large open areas such as streets, parking lots, squares, lobbies, warehouses, exhibition halls, etc.

Panoramic Camera

FS PON for FTTx Solutions

To further meet customer needs, FS has updated new PON network equipment, including chassis, OLT boards, ONU, etc. The FS PON solution cooperates with OTL boards and ONU devices can simplify the network structure, reduce costs, and achieve full service coverage of fiber-to-the-home.

PON solution

Fiber Grinding Tools for More Choice

In June, FS introduced new products through customer feedback. FS has introduced four types of NTT abrasive papers and NTT abrasive pads to provide stronger wear resistance and deterioration resistance to meet customer needs for fiber polishing.

Industrial Ethernet Cables

To meet the diverse needs of customers, FS has launched Cat6a&Cat5e industrial network cables, which are specially designed for industrial applications to expand Internet connections. This copper cable supports up to 750MHz, 1G/10GBase-T speed, PoE/PoE+, and can be applied to deploy industrial Ethernet.

Also, FS introduced inline couplers and keystone jacks to provide customers with convenient and stable line connections and cabling.

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