FS Launches a Series of Bulk Ethernet Cables With UL Listed Approval

Updated on Oct 12, 2021

May 18th, FS News - FS recently announced a series of Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a bulk Ethernet cables, which offer more comprehensive quality certifications especially UL listing and deliver more options in their categories, jacket ratings and colors.

UL certification is one of the most trusted marks in third-party product safety certifications in the U.S. Only the cables that are tested and certificated by UL can be distinguished with the UL-listed mark. It is a proof that product meets the industry's high standards for safety and performance. In addition to submitting bulk Ethernet cables to UL and other testing authority, FS assures all the bulk cables pass the Fluke test.

This series of bulk Ethernet cables is high quality guaranteed with 100% pure bare copper wires design, complete quality test and certificated industry standards. More flexible choices are as follows:

  • AWG Types: 23AWG, 24 AWG and 26 AWG.

  • Nine wiring colors.

  • Four jacket ratings: CM, CRM, CMR and CMP.

  • Tangle and twist-free packaging.

  • PoE and PoE+ (IEEE 802.3af/at)

  • Visible length identification.

Visit the Bulk Cable product page for more information.

Devoted to offering better networking connectivity products and services, FS provides products more than bulk Ethernet cables to fulfil market demands and cater to a wide range of customers' needs. FS will continue to focus on product R&D and quality management and provide high quality and performance products customers expect.

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