FS Launches Cost-Saving WDM Transport Platform

Updated on Aug 4, 2020

Dec. 4th, FS News - FS, a networking solution provider for data centers, enterprises and ISP networks, launched the WDM Transport Platform to simplify the end-to-end metro service delivery. This platform includes four FMT WDM transport network systems to meet service and cloud providers’ various needs for high-bandwidth metro networking solutions, which are FMT 1800, FMT 1600E, FMT 4000E, and FMT 9600E.

FMT 1800 Efficient CWDM Connect for Cost-Effective Transport

FMT 1800 is a 1U plug and play embedded 18CH CWDM dual-fiber end-to-end transport platform which can build up to 180G capacity CWDM networks. It combines the features of a standardized CWDM system with the simplicity and cost advantages of a passive multiplexer.

FMT 1600E Extending DWDM Connect for More Efficient Transport

FMT 1600E is a 4U DWDM transport platform which designed as a scalable WDM transport system. Equipped with 16CH DF DWDM MUX DEMUX, DWDM EDFA, and DCM, it can handle all protocols up to 160Gbps and implement metro network transport up to 120km.

FMT 4000E Competitive DWDM Connect for Long-haul Transport

FMT 4000E is also a 4U DWDM transport platform. It takes 40CH DF DWDM MUX DEMUX, DWDM EDFA, and DCM to realize the 100km link transmission and 400Gbps capacity transmission. Designed with low power and high competitiveness, FMT 4000E provides everything required for an open line networking system.

FMT 9600E Hyperscale DWDM Connect for High-capacity Transport

FMT 9600E is an transport platform embedded with intelligent DWDM multiplexer, integrated amplification, dispersion control and system management in a 2U chassis. It takes 96CH DF DWDM MUX DEMUX, DWDM EDFA, and DCM to realize the 85km link transmission delivering up to 960Gbps capacity.

FS FMT WDM Transport platforms are designed to simplify operations, increase network capacity, reduce space/power/cooling costs, and deliver massive capacity in a compact footprint. They all have a modular, flexible, and pay-as-you-grow architecture, which can be widely deployed in applications such as business Ethernet services, data center interconnect, SAN and native video transport, and private enterprise networks.

About FS

Founded in 2009, FS has set their goal to provide high quality and cost-effective data centers, enterprise and ISP networking solutions for global clients. Since then, the company has built up seven oversea branches and warehouses within the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Russia. In the future, more branches and warehouses will be setup. This allows their products to be exported to companies and individuals all around the world.

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