FS Takes M6200 Series Multi-Service WDM Optical Transport Platform to Metro Edge

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

November 12th, FS News - FS has made further steps into the WDM market with the brand-new M6200 series multi-service optical transport platform. The M6200 series offers nonblocking WDM switching for metro edge access applications, bringing network operators and enterprises a trouble-free networking experience.

In this age of new service explosion, like 5G and cloud services, increasingly higher bandwidth is needed at the metro network edge. With keen insight into the optical transport access layer technologies and market demand development, FS releases a whole set of M6200 series 10G WDM optical transport platform featuring worry-free performance and ease of management. It uniformly transmits multiple services at the metro network edge, including broadband, private line, and mobile services, serving as an ideal solution for the metro access layer optical transport network.

This highly integrated M6200 series WDM platform solution, equipped with 5-channel 10G transponder (OEO) and passive 40-channel DWDM Mux Demux card, supports the access of all services at data rates between 100M and 11.1G, unified switching of multiple protocols like 10G WAN/LAN, Ethernet 100M, STM-16/64, OTU2/2e, 1/2/4/8/10G fiber channel over common OTN infrastructure. Incorporating EDFA, OLP, DCM, R/B, VOA, this solution offers high-quality and flexible optical transmission with reliable line protection. Additionally, the M6200 series platform also stands out for its simple, smart deployment and management. With a unified network management unit, the whole system enables fast setup within 7 minutes and provides full fault, configuration, and remote monitoring management.

Furthermore, the M6200 series WDM optical transport platform has passed solution-based testing and all yield good results to reach industry standards. Along with a quality warranty for 2 years, free technical support, and full stock in FS global warehouses, we genuinely help you easily implement worry-free optical transport network deployment.

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