FS MDC Fiber Patch Cable Maximizes 200G/400G Data Center Density Utilization

Updated on Jan 10, 2022

Nov. 22nd, FS News - FS announced that it had recently introduced the MDC fiber patch cable with very-small-form-factor (VSFF) connector. The compact design of Mini Duplex Cable (MDC) connector along with Corning G.657.A1 2.0mm cable brings new connectivity solution for supersized 200G/400G data center,cloud computing, and other high density applications.

Over the past decade, data centers have gone through huge evolution, supporting higher traffic and more hardware, which in turn requires efficient utilization of the existing space to the maximum extent. To save space in the crowded data centers, the cabling system designs must be scalable and compact, paving the way for the needs of the next-generation high-density data centers.

The MDC connector is designed by US Connec in 2019 for termination of fiber cables up to 2.0mm in diameter. With a smaller footprint, it offers 3 times the capacity of the LC connector. In addition, the slim uniboot design of FS MDC cables reduces the cable congestion, making it an optimal solution for use in cramped space applications.

Figure1: Duplex LC Connector vs MDC Connector

Figure1: Duplex LC Connector vs MDC Connector

Featuring pull-out boot and simple field-polarity configurability ensure easy and quick installation in MDC cabling scenarios.

Figure2: Tooless Polarity Reversal

Figure2: Tooless Polarity Reversal

MDC to MDC fiber optic cables and MDC to LC fiber optic cables support four individual MDC cables in a QSFP footprint and two individual MDC cables in an SFP footprint. The smaller MDC connector allows MDC fiber optic cables to be fitted with 200G/400G QSFP-DD transceivers. MDC cabling has the potential to become the perfect solution to the trends of increased density at the switch or patch panel interface in hyper-scable data center and telecom applications.

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