FS New-Gen Series of 10G Switches to Launch in Late October

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

Facilitating High-Quality Campus Network Design in Wi-Fi 6 Era

October 21, FS News - FS is preparing to launch a brand-new series of 10G switches in late October, directing at modern enterprise campus network upgrades, which aims to facilitate the digital transformation of global businesses.

Driven by the accelerating development of Wi-Fi 6, enterprise campus networks now come under tremendous traffic pressure. Traditional 100/1000MB access switches are clearly not enough for use in the face of Wi-Fi 6 high-speed and high-density uplinks, which makes campus switches focus more on data rate improvement than merely the number of ports. FS forthcoming S5860 series 10G switches feature a rich variety of port types, supporting flexible 1G/2.5G/5G/10G multi-rate access and reliable 10G/25G/40G port uplink capabilities. Remarkably, the S5860 10G PoE++ switches, with seamless access of Wi-Fi 6 APs, deliver standards-based IEEE 802.3bt 90W per PSE port. This new series can fully meet modern campuses’ requirements of smooth and phased network upgrades to support business growth while maximizing the protection of network investment.

Despite the explosive growth of mobile services and network traffic, network architecture, instead, is moving towards a simpler way designed to satisfy the needs for efficient management in enterprise campuses. FS S5860 series switches are suitable for deployment in the core layer of small and medium-sized enterprise campus networks, simplifying the traditional multi-layer network architecture leveraging the stacking technology while greatly improving the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of the network system. Furthermore, they are designed to facilitate non-blocking and zero-packet-loss high-quality enterprise campus networks, supporting a switching capacity up to 760Gbps and a forwarding rate of 570Mpps as well as a convergence ratio of 1.7:1. It is widely believed that the simpler the architecture is, the more stably and efficiently it works and the easier to operate and manage.

“Networks are becoming increasingly complex. Our goals are to make networks back to easy-to-use, efficient, and convenient, the business experience smoother, management strategies simpler. These are also the new demands of modern enterprise campus networks.” explains the Product Manager from FS. “The S5860 series 10G switches are designed with advanced hardware architecture and equipped with FS optimized operating system. With modular fans and redundant power modules, hardware-level dual flash chips, fault isolation for optical ports, and other designs for security and stability enhancement, enterprise campus networks can have a more convenient operation and management experience.”

Campus network 10G switches show an irresistible trend but have not been rapidly popularized in the past few years due to cost constraints. The arrival of FS new S5860 series dispels this concern with the original intention of “Lead all industries to transform to 10G network with ease” to help enterprises of all sizes take the first-mover advantage of digital transformation in the market competition. Moreover, FS will also launch high-quality campus Gigabit switches S3910 and S3410 series to meet different networking needs of enterprises. Please stay tuned for FS extensive new campus switches in late October.

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