FS Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 Access Points to Launch in Late October

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

Focussing on Core Technology Among Intensified Chip Solution Competition

October 22nd, FS News - FS is preparing to launch a new generation of Wi-Fi 6 access points (AP) in late October, featuring mainstream Broadcom chip solutions to fully improve the enterprise campus wireless network experience.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), the latest generation of wireless network standards, was developed against the backdrop of a relentless drive for network transmission speeds and strong demand for high-density access devices. It has spawned brand-new Wi-Fi 6 APs and mobile terminals, fueling a rush to upgrade home and business wireless networks for years to come. Wi-Fi chips, which serve as the core of wireless network equipment, play a leading role in this wave of modernization. Currently, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Marvell, and other chip manufacturers are competing in the Wi-Fi 6 chip market.

Coping with the intensified Wi-Fi 6 chip solution competition, Broadcom has seized the market with its focus on technological innovation. It announced the launch of the industry's first complete 802.11ax solution as early as August 2017 and released a batch of Wi-Fi 6 chips having now been applied in Wi-Fi 6 APs. With the adoption of OFDMA, MU-MIMO, TWT, BSS Coloring, and other Wi-Fi 6 technologies, Broadcom's Wi-Fi 6 chips have achieved major improvements over Wi-Fi 5 solutions. Download and upload speeds, coverage, battery life, etc. have been significantly enhanced and they also stand out among main manufacturers' solutions.

By virtue of Broadcom’s worldwide leading-edge competence in SoC solutions for wireless LAN infrastructure applications, FS upcoming Wi-Fi 6 APs are all equipped with high-quality Broadcom BCM43694, BCM47622, BCM49408, BCM43520 chips. They ensure the wireless network performance at the source and fully comply with mainstream trends and requirements. FS new Wi-Fi 6 APs, based on the advantages of Wi-Fi 5, further improve the efficiency of spatial reuse through the enhancement of coding and scheduling modes. Each AP can simultaneously communicate with more users and achieve higher speeds, greater capacity, lower latency, and lower power consumption, which are undoubtedly the massive improvements for modern campus networks.

“With Wi-Fi 6 on the rise, chip solutions are getting a lot of attention, as their quality largely determines the performance of new-generation Wi-Fi 6 APs. This is also what we have been working on over the past years. Our Wi-Fi 6 APs adopt first-class Broadcom chips, which can well satisfy the growing demand for campus wireless networks. Please stay tuned for FS new Wi-Fi 6 APs in late October.” explains a R&D Manager from FS.

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