FS October 2021 Product Updates

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Welcome back to FS Monthly Products Update! We have enriched the switch product system with new industrial switches and the S1900 gigabit ethernet unmanaged switches. And there're also lots of new products such as GPON Stick ONU, X550AT2-T2 Intel Card, the M6200 series EDFA, DWDM Mux Demux. Please keep reading about what's new.

Cost-effective S1900 Unmanaged Switches Perfect for SOHO and SMB

Upgrade your network with low cost, easy operation, and high performance by deploying FS S1900 gigabit unmanaged switches. The plug-and-play unmanaged switches include 7 models providing a seamless network connection, delivering a high-performance network applicable solution in simple, economical, and standard ways, can meet the network access requirements of SMBs, SOHO, etc.

Rugged Industrial Switches for Harsh Industrial Environment

In late October, we launched the Industrial Switches which are equipped with an IP30/40 rated metal enclosure while operating on a wide temperature range of -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F). It is ideal for harsh environments, such as traffic control cabinets, factory floors, and outdoor places where the temperature is extremely low or high.

These industrial switches also support enhanced functions such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, LACP link aggregation, etc. providing better security and compatibility to meet the requirements of various industrial scenarios.

FS Industrial Switches

FS 1.25GTx/2.5GRx GPON SFP ONU Stick with Mac

GPON SFP ONU stick with Mac, Intel chip & 2W low-power design, industrial-grade temperature, can be directly inserted into the SFP port, support multi-device terminal connection. A separate power supply and extra cabling are not necessary.

X550AT2 Intel Card

X550AT2 is based on IntelX550 gigabit Ethernet chip, aiming to bring stable performance and fast connection without latency. FCoE allows Fiber Channel (FC) communications to run directly over the Ethernet, and Intel virtualization technology (VT) simplifies hardware requirements, reducing architecture complexity and cost.

It is designed to provide extensive interoperability, critical performance optimization, and great flexibility for communications, cloud computing, and enterprise IT networking solutions.

FS M6200-20LA With 25 ± 5dB Variable Gain

FS M6200 Series WDM platform is more complete with the announcement of M6200-20LA. It has the function of adjustable gain, which can be configured by the network management system according to network requirements. Mainly used at the middle-end of the scheme link, it realizes all-optical amplification of optical signals and compensates for the attenuation loss of DWDM system.

4.8dB Low Insertion Loss 40CH DWDM MUX/DEMUX

The latest 40CH DWDM Mux/Demux based on AAWG technology is a high density, low loss and standalone device. In an active state, ports and links can be monitored via WEB by indicators, and management software, providing customers with more intuitive and easy-to-operate monitoring methods.

100G DWDM PAM4 Transceiver for up to 80km Link Length

The 100G DWDM PAM4 transceiver supports multiple 100G links with low power consumption, high speed, and long transmission distance. It can transmit up to 4.8T of service capacity, making it an economical and efficient solution for high-bandwidth data center interconnection.

FC730-4K-N Conference Camera for Video Conferencing

FC730-4K-N with 20X Optical Zoom and WDR designed for midsize and large rooms delivers peerless performance, exceptional versatility, and easy deployment.

NVD3509-4K—Decoding at 8MP Resolution

NVD3509-4K Network Video Decoder is compatible with FS and other brands of IP cameras, supports ONVIF, and can establish a stable and changeable network. The 9-channel with 4K HD image on an LED display allows you to view in real-time. And suits for shopping malls, campuses, hotels, and office buildings, etc.

FS NVR716-64C Guards Your Security Anytime

NVR716-64C, 64-Channel Network Video Recorder can record videos from up to 64 cameras, and the storage can be expanded to 160TB in total, it is ideal for small and medium enterprises, education institutions, hotels, and other applications.

IPC604-4M-B—Capture & People Counting Network Camera

IPC604-4M-B uses a 4MP progressive scan CMOS sensor, deep face capture, and instruction detection. This camera can provide clear video at night, providing you with high-definition professional monitoring and security solutions.

We'll be back next month with another update. Have a great month.

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