FS Opens New Warehouse in Tokyo, Japan to Deliver Better Localized Service

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October 28th, 2022 — FS.com is happy to announce the opening of a new warehouse in Tokyo, Japan. The move is to cope with the increasing product demand and improve delivery service to local customers in the hope that we can take user experience and localized service to the next level.

The warehouse is located at JS Progress Building, 4-1-23 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan, with an area of 580.24㎡. It is expected to be put into use on October 28th, 2022. The warehouse now has a large number of optical modules and cables that are popular in the Japanese market and can be delivered fast by local logistics companies.

Japanese warehouse

After fully considering Japanese population and culture, urban warehouse group planning, urban traffic policies and other related factors, we decided to set up the local warehouse in Tokyo, Japan. Heiwajima, Ota-ku became our first choice. As it's close to airports and ports, this allows us to improve overall logistics efficiency and reduce cost and carbon dioxide emissions.

Moreover, the new warehouse in JS Progress Building comes with an independent loading/unloading channel, allowing faster load and unload goods, thus improving overall delivery efficiency. In addition, JS Construction Building is close to the local logistics office, which makes delivery more convenient. The local inventory can be delivered on the same day, allowing our customers to get their purchased goods the next day. Located at a science park, the building has a strict security system and perfect security facilities. It will be convenient and safe for customers to come and pick up their purchases.

FS Japanese warehouse interior design

Looking into the Future

In the future, FS will continue to strengthen our capability of testing and verification, solution design, warehousing and logistics, technical support, local home installation and after-sales service, and focus on digital technology innovation and core technology development. We hope to "connect life", "connect data" and "connect ideas" by creating a high-quality service platform. Our aim is to achieve a positive interaction between the economic value of enterprises and social value, ultimately creating shared value and promoting the sustainable development of enterprises and society.

About FS.com

FS.com is a high-speed communication product and solution provider for connecting and securing global data center, enterprise, and telecom networks. FS is dedicated to fulfilling product systems and tailoring project solutions for IT professionals with immediate services by developing its talents, labs and local service center. Through continuous technology upgrade and brand partnership, FS serves customers across 200 countries — with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative solution portfolio.

About FS JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Established on December 11th, 2019, FS JAPAN Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of FS.com in Japan. Since its establishment, we have been committed to providing our Japanese customers with qualified products, network solutions, and better localized services for various scenarios, such as enterprise networks and data centers, to help them achieve digital transformation.

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