FS S2800S Smart Managed Switches for SMB Enterprises

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High-performance Network at Your Fingertips!

As COVID-19 still ravages the world, high-performance and cost-effective network solutions are becoming increasingly indispensable for the growth and innovation of SMB enterprises. For starters, to make the digital transformation, they need reliable network solutions that are simple and easy to operate and maintain. Besides, SMBs have to take the company budget into consideration when securing a desired network solution.

Against such a backdrop, FS has introduced a new series of 1 Gigabit smart managed switches — S2800S switches. They serve as a premium choice for SMB enterprises and customers who are looking for managed switches with superior performance as well as high cost efficiency. This article details how FS S2800S switches can help you have a high-performance network at your fingertips.

FS S2800S Switch Key Benefits

High Network Security and Cost-Saving

By segregating your networks through VLAN, you don't need to buy separate equipment for each network. Moreover, virtual boundaries can be built up around business units to slow down or stop attacks for higher network security. The S2800S supports IEEE 802.3az and helps you save power and cost by automatically detecting the status of devices or the length of cable connecting the ports. In addition, it supports IP-MAC-Port-VID binding, port security, storm control and DHCP Snooping, which helps defend against a series of network threats and improve network security.

Lag-Free Network Experience

S2800S smart managed switches deliver a lag-free network experience with advanced QoS automatically prioritizing traffic flows based on real-time network conditions. Our users experience the performance and QoE they expect, even during peak traffic congestion, for every critical application. During video conferencing, e.g., even with insufficient bandwidth, advanced QoS ensures that both voice and video can keep up without delay, creating a smooth and natural video conferencing environment.

Intelligent PoE for Stable Network

Stable networks are essential in every application scenario. Smart managed PoE switches support 802.3af/at and automatical PD devices detection to keep your network stable, making it ideal for flexible power distribution and non-PoE devices protection. Moreover, they support flexible power allocation on each PoE port which can be equipped with up to 30W power. Automatic PD equipment detection can automatically identify PD equipment, thus protecting non-PoE equipment from damage and ensuring the stable operation of equipment.

Enhanced L2+ Features for SMB Networks

Fully featured L2+ switch comes with simple Web GUI management, which greatly meets the ever growing network demands of SMBs. The complete L2+ functions include advanced ones such as 802.1Q, VLAN, port mirroring, STP/RSTP/MSTP, link aggregation control protocol and 802.3x flow control, etc. For growing SMBs, functions of non-managed switches fall short and fully-managed switches may be way out of budget. That's where S2800S smart managed switches fill in to offer more tailor-made help and support.

Easy Network Management and Maintenance

You can manage your network via the user-friendly web interface to cope with any complex network problems. The visual interface helps you know the system status at a glance. Besides, the S2800S supports CLI, WEB GUI, SNMP, RMON, HTTP, which simplifies monitoring and maintenance. It can satisfy various network operation and maintenance requirements such as automatic device detection, network topology management, device configuration management, statistical analysis of performance data and fault management.

FS S2800S Switch Features

Compared to unmanaged switches, S2800S smart managed switches offer more comprehensive functions. They also prove to be a more cost-effective choice than fully managed ones. The S2800S switches integrate high-performance hardware with the FSOS platform and enhanced L2+ functions such as 802.1Q VLAN and port-based VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, LACP link aggregation, Static Routing, etc. can meet the requirement of many scenarios in SMBs. The following figure shows the five S2800S smart managed switches FS has introduced in the market and their specifics.

S2800S, L2+ Smart Managed PoE+ Switch

S2800S-8T2F-P, 8-Port | S2800S-24T4F-P, 24-Port

  • Compact design creates your dream office

  • Fanless design for noise-sensitive working environment

  • Segregates your networks without buying separate equipment for each

  • Keeps your network flexible and stable with intelligent PoE

  • Helps you save power and cost by autonomously detecting the status of devices

Buy S2800S-8T2F-P

Buy S2800S-24T4F-P

S2800S, L2+ Smart Managed Switch

S2800S-8T, 8-Port | S2800S-24T2F, 24-port | S2800S-48T4F, 48-Port

  • Advanced QoS prioritizes critical business traffic such as video conferencing

  • Fully featured L2+ switch comes with simple Web GUI management

  • Fanless design for noise-sensitive working environment

  • Segregates your networks without buying separate equipment for each

  • Management via the user-friendly web interface to cope with any complex network problems

Buy S2800S-8T



I’m using this device as part of a lab and here are my findings:
as advertised 1gb Ethernet negotiations
package contains grounding wire with plug ground on device and rubber feet and UTP 5e Cable included which is great.
GUI is great for management on LAN, extremely! Configurable with remote management VLAN and SSH access. Yet to use serial management.
I am yet to really give it a whirl, but so far I would definitely recommend the product.

— Mary


For home use, this 8 port switch is excellent. This is my first time using FS products, and I'm going to be adding a WiFi access point that is POE and possibly running 2 WiFi cameras. I will share my experience with you again later.

— Balax


I am using such devices in a small ongoing project. They are very economical and offer many features such as network management, QoS, etc. They are great for projects that don't require a lot of infrastructure, not only because of the cost but also because of their simple management style, which is very user-friendly.

— Umala

FS switches, as an easy, reliable, and future-proof network solution, have been well-received by our users. We hope S2800S smart managed switches can contribute to the growth and innovation of SMBs. To thrive on shared success, we cherish every chance to help our customers build high-performance and cost-effective networks. If you're considering FS switches and want to know more about what our users are saying, please check FS Switch Introduction & Review, or go to our official website www.fs.com.

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