FS September 2022 Product Updates

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Welcome back to FS Monthly Products Update! We launched many new products in September, including 40G QSFP+ transceivers, 100G single lambda transceivers, KVM switches, FS BOX, network cameras, indoor access points, and more. Additionally, we also update some other new products, such as cables, tools, etc. Please keep reading about what's new.


FS 56G/200G DAC Cables for High-speed Network Connectivity

The FS 200G QSFP56 DAC cable is compatible with various brands and provides customized services. It supports QSFP56 to QSFP56 direct copper connection, enabling a cost-effective in-rack 200G link connection solution.

FS also introduced 56G QSFP+ InfiniBand DAC cables and AOC cables in September. 56G DAC/AOC cables support network connections of different transmission distances, meet your network deployment needs with excellent performance and reliability, and optimize your cabling system.

Meanwhile, FS updated two FS BOXs, which are yellow and red. The feature set is the same as the black model, which can realize various functions such as online configuration, diagnostics, troubleshooting, wavelength tuning of tunable transceivers, box pro, etc.


FS 40G/100G Transceivers for High-performance Network

FS 40G QSFP+ InfiniBand industrial transceiver delivers superior performance, quality, and reliability. It is suitable for InfiniBand FDR10 end-to-end system. While the FS 40G QSFP+ transceiver combines high-speed performance with ease of installation. Both transceivers are suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as data center, enterprise, and distribution layers.

The 100G Single Lambda transceiver can use up to 25km of 100GBASE Ethernet over single-mode fiber at 1310nm wavelength through a duplex LC connector. Moreover, it also adopts BOX+FPC+PCBA separate design, which has good reliability, air tightness, and heat dissipation.

FS Transceivers

Switches for Quiet Environment Office Networks

In September, FS launched a new PoE+ switch: S3100-16TF. The S3100-16TF has 16 10M/100M/1000M/ adaptive electrical ports with two 1G uplinks and uses the Broadcom BCM56150 chip. Besides this PoE+ switch, FS also has a network packet broker (NPB) with 48x10G SFP+ and 8x100G QSFP28 uplink ports. It enhances the performance of network analysis and security tools by optimizing TAP and SPAN connections and traffic between network monitoring and security tools.


KVM Switches for Multiple Applications

In September FS introduced four types of KVM switches. The 8-port or 16-port VGA LED KVM switches provide you the flexibility of a rackmount keyboard, LEDs, and Synaptics touchpad in a single console in 1U of rack space. The rack KVM switches are also available in 8-port and 16-port, again offering easy installation and simplified server access in 1U of rack space.

The desktop KVM Switch is a 2 in 2 out UHD KVM switch with a built-in 1 USB 2.0 hub and 2.1 channel audio for high-quality sound for music, movies, and games. The KVM over IP switch supports remote access and control, connects to the host through VGA and DVI interfaces for switching, and provides high-definition video resolution.

Additionally, FS has also introduced a KVM Extender that provides up to 3840 x 2160 (4K x 2K) @ 30 Hz UHD image quality and 10KM and 100M ultra-long-distance transmission to achieve long-distance high-definition image quality.

KVM Switches

HD network camera

The IPC204-2M-PD network camera is capable of providing close-up views of wide areas in the pan, tilt, and 4x optical zoom. At the same time, it is specially designed for indoor and outdoor environments with IP66 waterproof, and ideal for homes, supermarkets, office buildings, government, industrial parks, etc.

Seamless Roaming for Indoor Access Points

FS has launched a new indoor wireless router: AP-N515. It supports 4x4 MU-MIMO, which can realize 2.4GHz and 5GHz services at the same time, and the rate can reach up to 5375Mbps. The indoor wireless router provides a higher level of coverage for your business and is easy to install and manage.

HD network camera

FS Optic Networking Solutions

FS customized active 8CH dual fiber DWDM Mux Demux is a high-density, low-loss, semi-active DWDM device that can effectively monitor and analyze network channel power. In addition, FS has also launched three 10G/100G muxponders: SGH8, SH4, and TN4. They are double-span boards, cross-connect boards, and hybrid line boards, which help you achieve better fiber access and link aggregation and support real-time monitoring.

MS8100 is a new generation of intelligent transmission equipment, and it is also a customized 12/15 slot 5U network management no-load chassis, supporting OTN/PTN/SDH, and AC/DC power redundancy. FS is also equipped with a special network management switch card (NXU), which can achieve a maximum cross-connection capacity of 210G and provide better business services.

optical networking

Fiber Splice Closures and Tools

FS also released fiber splice closures in September with a built-in splice tray, up to 144 cores, and an IP-68 waterproof design, ideal for hanging and underground applications. And a new punch-down tool, used to terminate keystone jacks, provides consistent and good termination. In addition to this, FS has also launched M2 model screw and nut, an optical multimeter, and a fiber optic patch cable.

Industrial Patch Cords

For the cabling facilities of Industrial Ethernet, the latest copper cables of industrial patch cords have been launched. M12 cables have higher requirements on the sheath and shielding braid than ordinary jumpers and are flexible to use and easy to replace. There are also two copper cables IC6ASFTPPUR and IC5ESFTPPUR, which support up to 550MHz and 10G-T speed and PoE/PoE+ performance, have strong anti-interference ability and can operate in harsh industrial environments.

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