FS FMT Series & M Series OTN Products Introduction

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FS focuses on designing customized optical transport network solutions, to make your business faster, farther and smarter.

Higher bandwidth, larger capacity, and longer transmission distance requirements are driving customers to pursue a stable, efficient, and unified network that can cost-effectively scale. OTN network, as an ideal choice to meet these requirements, is gaining momentum in the market with enhanced network performance and reduced transport costs. Aiming at building user experience-centric next-generation network architecture, the FS multi-service WDM & OTN platforms fit and benefit your OTN system.

Table of Contents

FS Overall OTN Family Introduction

FS FMT Series OTN Solution

FS M Series OTN Solution

FS OTN Products FAQs

FS WDM & OTN Family Introduction: High Capacity & High Scalability

FS OTN solution enables high-speed carrier access networks to be faster, more cost-effective, and easier to manage, which provides a solid foundation to accommodate tomorrow's needs. FS elaborate OTN solutions, including every design, assembly, integration, testing, and delivery phase, are optimized for short haul, DCI, metro, and long haul network where flexibility, space and power are at a premium, ideal for campus, enterprises, carriers, and data centers.

FS optical transport network solution can support from 10G/25G to 100G/200G for metro network or long-haul network respectively. It provides not only a standardized but also a scalable solution with a complete product line — CWDM/DWDM Mux Demux, OEO Transponder, EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier), DCM (Dispersion Compensation Module), OLP (Optical Line Protection), Optical Performance Monitoring (OPM), Red/Blue Filter Module, NMU cards, and managed chassis with 1U/2U/5U available choices.

Take a quick look at the figure below to get a brief understanding of FS Optical Transport Network Family first:

FS Optical Transport Network Family

FMT series and M series are the two divisions of FS OTN product categories. Specifically, FMT series products that support 10G/25G networks are suitable for customers who have basic requirements. In addition to the existing functions of the FMT series, the M series can also be expanded and upgraded, supporting 100G/200G or even higher speeds and longer transmission, to satisfy the scalable network needs with higher requirements.

KEEP READING to dive into these two FS WDM & OTN solutions with separate characteristics.

FS FMT Series Optical Transport Network Solution

FS FMT Series Optical Transport Solution Overview

FMT Series is a multiservice transport system featured by a high-density design and low insertion loss, which can optimize the network performance and deliver better services for customers. As an All-in-One transport system for metro networks, FS FMT platform makes devices like OEO, EDFA, DCM and OLP into small plug-in cards and provides standard rack units as well as user-friendly software to achieve better management and monitoring.

FS FMT Series Product Portfolio

FS FMT Infrastructure covers FMT OEO/EDFA/DCM/OLP, DWDM Red/Blue Filter, Fiber Monitoring Modules, and Managed Chassis. They can be used together with FMU Mux/Demux to build a multifunctional WDM system with longer transmission distances.

Here is a catalog of FS FMT products:

Category ID Description
OEO Transponder #30515 FMT4DL-OEO10GSFP, 4 Channels 10G WDM Transponder (Converter), 8 SFP/SFP+ Slots
#92056 FMT4DL-OEO25GSFP28, 4 Channels 25G WDM Transponder (Converter), 8 SFP28/SFP+ Slots
EDFA Amplifer #72283 FMT17BA-EDFA, 17dBm Output DWDM EDFA Booster Amplifier, 17dB Gain
#72284 FMT20PA-EDFA, 20dB Gain DWDM EDFA Pre-Amplifier, 13dBm Output
#36524 FMT26PA-EDFA, 26dB Gain DWDM EDFA Pre-Amplifier, 16dBm Output
DCM Module #65781 FMT40-DCM, 40KM DCF-based Passive Dispersion Compensation Module
#65779 FMT80-DCM, 80KM DCF-based Passive Dispersion Compensation Module
OLP #66010 FMT-OLP2, 1+1 Optical Line Protection Switch (OLP)
#72700 FMT-BDOLP, Optical Line Protection Switch (OLP)
R&B Filter #65981 Customized 1x2 Single Fiber DWDM Splitter Red/Blue C Band Filter
OPD #78568 FMT-4OPD, 4 Channels 1550nm Optical Power Detection OPD (AIU)
Chasis #39214 FMT04-CH1U, 1U Managed Chassis Unloaded Platform, Supports up to 4x EDFA/OEO/OLP Card with Accessories

FS FMT Series OTN Solution Features & Benefits

  • High-Integration OTN System

1U management chassis is suitable to be applied where space, power, and environment are key considerations. FS FMT series 1U chassis that supports both DWDM and CWDM for both dual fiber and single fiber configurations and optical amplifiers, OEO, DCM and OLP modules are designed in a modular fashion to accommodate distance extension without service interruption.

  • High-Level Network Management

FS Network Management Unit (NMU/NMS) is developed with ARM9 control design. NMU/NMS provides full fault, configuration, performance, security management, and instant push emails. FMT monitoring online management software (a Java-based network management system) built with modular client uses the Microsoftware SQL Server 2008R2 database.

FS M Series Optical Transport Network Solution

FS M Series Products Classification

FS has launched M6200/M6500/M6800 WDM/OTN platforms for your growing network demands of high bandwidth capacity and simplified operation & management from the edge access layer to the core backbone layer.

FS M Series Product Portfolio

  • M6200 Series WDM Platform contains products like Mux/Demux, OEO, EDFA, DCM, OLP, R/B, etc., and M6200 Series Managed Chassis.

  • M6500 Series OTN Platform covers 100G/200G Muxponder/Transponder as well as the M6500 Series Managed Chassis.

  • M6800 Series OTN Platform possesses the 1.6T Transponder that can reach up to 1.6T high capacity.

For more detailed product lists of M6200/M6500/M6800 WDM platforms, please check the brochure below: https://img-en.fs.com/file/catalog/m-series-wdm-otn-product-portfolio.pdf

FS M Series OTN Solution Applications & Advantages

FS M-Series OTN Solution is designed for three diverse application scenarios:

  • The high-integrated M6200 WDM platform features diversified service types, providing an ideal access layer WDM solution for enterprise, data center, carrier, and campus.

  • The multi-protocol multi-rate M6500 OTN platform enables aggregation/core layer solution to adapt to network growth and changes for enterprise, data center, campus, and metro networks.

  • The 1.6T high-capacity M6800 OTN data center platform provides a cost-effective data center backbone solution for DCI, cloud providers, and high capacity applications.

Besides supporting multiple high-bandwidth services, simplified network deployment and easy O&M are the other two highlights of FS M series OTN solutions. Investing in FS M Series OTN solution will enable smooth and cost-effective upgrading from 10G/40G to 100G/200G service without adjusting site and cable set, and allow you to monitor comprehensively and detect quickly, from scratch to completion in just 7 minutes.

FS M Series WDM OTN Network Solution

FS OTN Solution Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The M6200 Series DCM module is completely passive, can I use it with the FMT Series?

A: It's not recommended to use the module in this way. M6200 series and FMT series cannot be used as a unified management platform, so the mixing use will be bad for the management operation experience.

Q: Is M6200 Series the update for the FMT platform?

A: No. The M6200 series is a new series, which is different from the FMT platform. M6200 series is managed via new NMS network management software with M6200 series managed chassis. FMT platform is managed via Monitor Online Software with FMT managed chassis.

Q: As the newer product line, what makes M6200 different from the previous FMT platform?

A: Take 10G OEO for example. The differences lie in the upgrade in rate, more ports, diversified work patterns, and management software:

  • Rate: the newer M6200 OEO is 100Mbps to 11.1Gbps, while the FMT OEO supports 1Gbps to 11.3Gbps

  • Ports: the newer M6200 OEO can transmit 5 channels while FMT OEO transmits 4 channels.

  • Diversified Work Patterns: M6200 OEO support Forward mode, Loopback mode, Freedom mode, 1+1 protection mode and Broadcast mode management while the FMT OEO support Normal, Loopback, and FC mode.

  • Management Software: M6200 OEO supports WEB and SNMP v2 management, while the FMT OEO supports Monitor Online and SNMP v1 management.

Q: We bought your M6500 platform before, just wonder whether it can be managed together with M6200 series?

A: Yes, they can be managed together since they both have the same NMS system which adopts B/S architecture. You can check the user manual for M series network management: https://img-en.fs.com/file/user_manual/m-series-nms-network-management-user-manual.pdf

Q: A question about SNMP. We use Zabbix for the monitoring of our infrastructure. Do you have some ready-to-use templates for that monitoring system?

A: Yes, that relevant template can be downloaded in resource column of product page. Please refer to this link for more configuration instructions: https://img-en.fs.com/file/user_manual/configure-zabbix-to-monitor-m-series-platforms-via-snmp.pdf

Q: Our project requires network transmission to be stable and reliable. Could you guys help me design for my new project?

A: Absolutely. FS well-designed OTN solution has an elaborate procedure including every design, assembly, integration, testing, and delivery phase. Our professional technical team for your customized WDM & OTN project, feel free to contact us!

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