FS Introduces a Variety of Webcams and Conference Cameras for Multiple Applications Wherever You Are

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July 2nd, FS News - FS announced the new release of the latest video conference system including webcams, conference cameras, and speakerphones for every working scenario. These new video conference products provide customers with an easy and secure connection for remote collaboration and real-time communication anytime and anywhere.

Webcam for Working from Home and Streaming

In support of the increasing amount of remote work with the undergoing pandemic, FS offers four available webcams with compact size and easy-to-carry advantage: FC270, FC270P, FC270s and FC270-4K.

  • High video quality: All the webcams support 1080P resolution and the FC270-4K supports up to 4K.

  • Easy to carry and fast to install: The small size and plug and play feature make video calls available anytime and anywhere.

  • Wide compatibility: Working with windows 7 to 10 or Apple desktop and laptop computers and can seamlessly integrate with zoom and other software.

  • Smart low light correction: Automatic adjusting the light to create the optimal experience.

  • Privacy protection: Most of the webcams feature physical privacy shields, protecting you from being spied on whenever you do no want others to watch you.

The FC270 webcam features built-in microphones, which helps to improve audio quality with no need for other external microphones. FC270S packs full functions of webcam, speaker and microphone into a simple device. Combining 4 omnidirectional microphones arrays and 2 speakers, users can expect a high-quality audiovisual experience.

Conference Cameras for Small to Medium Meeting Rooms

FC530 and FC530-4K conference cameras are both designed for small meeting rooms. The key characteristics are:

  • High video quality: FC530 handles up to 1080P quality and FC530-4K captures 4K HD video.

  • Best field of view: FC530 supports up to 108° FOV while FC530-4K supports 120° FOV and zoom up to 8X.

  • Build-in speakerphone: 5m pickup completely optimizes the conferencing experience.

  • Wide compatibility: These cameras work with windows 7 to 10 or Apple desktop and laptop computers and can seamlessly integrate with zoom and other software.

  • USB 3.0: FC530-4K supports various output interface USB3.0 connection, meeting various professional AV connections.

FC730 and FC730-4K are both available in medium or large conference meetings. They have the following features:

  • High video quality: FC730 handles up to 1080P quality, optical zoom up to 12X and digital zoom up to 16X. FC730-4K handles up to 4K video quality, optical zoom up to 20X and digital zoom up to 16X.

  • Support wide dynamic range (WDR): Both models support WDR to cater to different lighting conditions.

  • Wide compatibility: Compatibility with almost all mainstream, operating systems and platforms.

  • Intelligent tracking of human: FC730-4K features NNE unit to support the camera to use facial recognition to track the participants.

In addition to the standard features, FC730-4K as the higher version of FC730 enables easy and efficient video conference with the advanced remote control feature. Gravity sensor makes it convenient to automatically correct image orientation without interrupting meetings and multiple ports (HDMI2.0, 3G-SDI, USB3.0, and LAN) help users to start conference instantly.

All the webcams and cameras are available from now on at FS.com. FS also launches two types of speakerphones SP640 and SP630 at the same time, both of which are small and portable, ideal for business online meetings. For more information on all of the features and capacities of FS conferencing system product, visit Video Conferencing product page.

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