FS.COM 12-Port SFP+ Managed Switch S5800-8TF12S for SMB Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

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12 port SFP+ managed switch

FS.com 12-Port SFP+ Managed Switch S5800-8TF12S for SMB Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) has strong purpose in holding the entire IT duties for small and medium sized businesses. Hyper-converged appliance (HCA) requires network switches with higher capabilities than unmanaged switches, while high-level managed switches are too much. Middle-sized managed switches are best designed for SMB HCI access layer deployments.

As the e-commerce activities of small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers increase in quantity and diversity, the functions of unmanaged switches can no longer meet their requirements, but the complexity and expensive price of high-level managed switches impede SMB users from large deployment of managed switches in their hyper-converged infrastructure platform. Under such a circumstance, middle-sized managed switch is created best for access to hyper-converged appliance in SMBs with hundreds of employees.

Overview on FS.com 12-Port SFP+ Managed Switch S5800-8TF12S

In order to support multiple applications of SMB hyper-converged infrastructure while being reasonably affordable, FS.com 12-port SFP+ fully managed switch—S5800-8TF12S demonstrated in the following video has been designed to meet the demand for more bandwidth, fair price, easy deployment and smart management. The switch has 12 SFP+ ports operating at 10Gbps fiber link and eight combo ports of 1GBASE-T/SFP, together offering high data rate access and flexible network integration.

As a managed switch, it owns the complete features of Layer 2 switching, and other more advanced functions like Access Control List (ACL), port mirroring and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). In addition, it can be managed by Web interface, as well as Telnet, RMON, SSH and SNMP. While being a Layer 3 routing switch, it can be deployed in virtualized networks like in today’s SMB hyper-converged infrastructure. The 10G fiber ports support up to 11 nodes to the hyper-converged cluster and one for uplink to the core switch.

12 port SFP+ Managed Switch S5800-8TF12S Figure 1: FS.com 12-port SFP+ managed switch S5800-8TF12S.

Benefits of Fully Managed 12-Port SFP+ Switch S5800-8TF12S

The fully managed switch S5800-8TF12S is particularly aimed at solving the problems of access to the hyper-converged appliance of SMBs, so it combines the features like power saving, reliable security, smart management, etc., which can bring lots of benefits to SMB.

12 port sfp+ managed switch S5800-8TF12S Figure 2: Beneficial features of FS.com 12-port SFP+ managed switch S5800-8TF12S.

System Redundancy and Energy Consumption Reduction

The S5800-8TF12S has two redundant power supply units and four smart built-in fans. The paired power supply modules and smart fan modules provides necessary redundancy for the system, ensuring the operational performance and functionality all the time. The heat sensors on the fan control PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) monitor and detect the temperature changes, and alter the fans speeds accordingly to adapt to the different temperatures, thus reducing power consumption in low temperature environment.

Managed switch S5800-8TF12S provides system redundancy and energy consumption reduction Figure 3: 12-port SFP+ managed switch S5800-8TF12S provides system redundancy and energy consumption reduction.

Multiple Smart Management and Trouble-Shooting

Unlike easy smart switches which can only be managed by Web interface, S5800-8TF12S is equipped with a serial console port and supports Command Line Interface (CLI) through Telnet and SSH. SNMP management is also supported. So when configuring multiple switches in a network, it is possible to make the changes automatically to all switches. What about the situation for switches with only Web interface? It will be a nightmare when an SMB needs to configure multiple switches in its network, because there’s no way of easily scripting the push out of changes without having to parse the web pages.

This 12-port 10G SFP+ managed switch comes with comprehensive functions that can help in trouble-shooting. Some basic functions include Ping, Traceroute, Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), Syslog, Trap, Online Diagnostics and Debug.

Robust Security Features

The L3 features of FS.com 12-port SFP+ managed switch S5800-8TF12S including load balancing among the links of the link aggregations and VLAN classification, protect the switch against traffic storm caused by online attacks. Moreover, the ACL features more profoundly protect the network, including dynamic Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) inspection and aging of ARP entries. The ARP inspection and packet control ACLs prevent the network from attacks that may be caused by sending fake ARP entries and allowing the attacker to spy on the data frames, modify the traffic, or bring the traffic to a mess.

Advanced Traffic Control Services

FS.com 12-port SFP+ managed switch S5800-8TF12S supports necessary Quality of Service (QoS) features for SMB applications, such as VoIP and video conference. The managed switch is able to do Tx/Rx policing (1R2C or 2R3C) and port/flow policing. The traffic classification is based on the combination of the MAC address, IPv4/IPv6 address, L2 protocol header, TCP/UDP, outgoing interface, and 802.1p field. The traffic shaping is based on interfaces and queues. Furthermore, with the DSCP remarking, the video and voice traffic that is sensitive to network delays can be prioritized over other data traffic, so the smooth video streaming and reliable VoIP calls are ensured.

The managed switch has many VLAN and routing features. The VLAN access mode can be access VLAN, trunk VLAN and QinQ. The VLAN classification can be based on MAC, IP or protocol. It supports full IPv4 routing/multicasting and IPv6 routing, including Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Open Shortest Path First (OSFP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP).


FS.com 12-port SFP+ managed switch S5800-8TF12S is a preferable middle option for access layer of SMB hyper-converged infrastructure comparing with unmanaged switches and high-level managed switches, for the abundant benefits it can bring to SMB enterprise networks in the virtualized environment. It provides simple solution for the connectivity between hyper-converged appliance and the core switch, and with the full technical support of FS.com, it also offers a complete, safe and well-managed network for SMBs.


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