FS.com and US Conec Announce Expanded Collaboration in High Density Interconnect Solutions

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March 20th, 2024 – FS.com recently announced an expanded collaboration with US Conec in high-density interconnect. Under the new deal, FS customers will be able to access more cutting-edge and efficient connectivity solutions in high-density cabling.

As part of their collaboration, one of the products slated for introduction is the MMC connector. The revolutionary MMC connector ushers in a new era of high density, low insertion loss connectivity by combining a new, reduced size, MT-style ferrule (TMT) with a novel very small form factor (VSFF) connector embodiment.

FS.com and US Conec Announce Collaboration

With the rapid advancements in HPC (High Performance Computing) and ML (Machine Learning), the volume of data traffic is growing exponentially, driving the need for ultra-high-density fiber networks. The collaboration enables clients to access HPC and ML solutions, and at the same time, leveraging technological synergies, FS is able to provide more high-performance fiber optic network solutions.

“FS has demonstrated themselves as a valued partner over the years with their strong support of MTP® Cabling solutions. We are excited to elevate this partnership by working together to supply MMC connectors into the rapidly growing hyper-scale data center markets.” states Joe Graham, President of US Conec.

"As the leader in the field of high-density optical interconnect, we are excited to collaborate with US Conec," said Daniel Xiang, CEO of FS "The MMC connectors provide a more efficient choice for future 400G/800G optical link architectures. This aligns with our goal of helping clients improve business efficiency and capitalize on opportunities in rapidly evolving industries."

This collaboration brings the long-standing partnership of FS and US Conec to the next level. It strengthens FS' commitment to drive innovation and provide accessible services to our clients and partners across the world.

About US Conec

US Conec (www.usconec.com) is a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects. With over 30 years of innovative experience, the company provides industry-leading components for data center and enterprise structured cabling, public networks, on-board optical interconnects, and industrial and military markets worldwide. Key product developments include MT ferrules, MTP® brand MPO connectors, MTP® PRO solutions, Fast-Track™ MTP® connectors, DirectConec™ push-pull boot technology, MXC® connectors, PRIZM® LightTurn® and PRIZM® MT lensed ferrule technologies, ELiMENT® single fiber connectors, MDC and MMC very small form factor connectors, IBC™ fiber-optic cleaning solutions, termination equipment, high precision optical packaging components, and customized precision interconnect solutions. US Conec is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, and is an equity venture of three leading communication technology companies—Corning Optical Communications, Fujikura, and NTT-AT.

About FS

FS (www.fs.com) is a global provider of ICT network products and solutions, serving data centers, enterprises, and telecom networks around the world. With the vision to redefine service and products in the industry, FS is committed to addressing the unique needs of IT professionals. Through the development of its expert personnel, advanced labs, and localized service centers, FS is dedicated to delivering timely solutions. Through an embrace of ongoing technology evolution and strategic brand collaborations, FS has effectively served a global enterprise clientele base of over 300,000 in more than 200 countries.

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