FS Expands User-Friendly FMU Series CWDM Mux/DeMux Products

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Oct. 10th, Shenzhen, FS News– FS recently has introduced a new series of self-developed CWDM Mux/DeMux modules named FMU series, which show new design, new texture, and more user-friendly characteristics.

With lower power consumption, and good flexibility, CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology makes full use of the low loss bandwidth of optical fiber to achieve ultra high bit rate transmission. CWDM units are flexible plug-and-play network solutions that allow network operators to cost effectively implement point-to-point or ring-based WDM optical networks. FS has taken great effort on the Mux/DeMux unit R&D and launched a new series of CWDM Mux/DeMux modules. Compared with the traditional versions, the new FMU series CWDM Mux/DeMux modules show completely new characteristics and are more user-friendly.

For the front plate design, the connectors are labeled and use the same color-coding that is used to indicate the wavelength of the individual CWDM transceivers. The connectors at the end of CWDM transceivers are similarly color-coded, which simplifies the process of connecting a CWDM transceiver to its associated device port. Moreover, with half 19”/1RU low profile modular design, these CWDM Mux/DeMux modules can save more valuable space for your network. The following table lists some of the new Mux/DeMux modules.

Image Model Description
CWDM mux/demux 42973 4 channels 1510-1570nm dual fiber CWDM Mux/DeMux with expansion port, half 19”/1U module, LC/UPC
CWDM mux/demux 42972 4 channels 1270-1330nm dual fiber CWDM Mux/DeMux, half 19”/1U module, LC/UPC
CWDM mux/demux 43099 8 channels 1470-1610nm dual fiber CWDM Mux/DeMux with expansion port, half 19”/1U module, LC/UPC
CWDM mux/demux 33489 18 channels 1270-1610nm dual fiber CWDM Mux/DeMux with monitor port, 1U rack mount, LC/UPC
CWDM mux/demux 42830 16 channels 1470-1610nm + 1290-1430nm dual fiber CWDM Mux/DeMux with expansion port, 2-slot 1U rack mount, LC/UPC
CWDM mux/demux 30408 1RU Rack Mount Chassis unloaded, holds up to 2 units half 19''/1RU FMU Cassettes

Besides the CWDM Mux/DeMux listed above, FS also provides other types of CWDM/DWDM Mux/DeMux. And we have devoted great effort to product innovation and development. For more details, you can visit www.fs.com.

FS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic subsystems, components and solutions. With the last four years growing, we have built our strong and professional teams in optical communication product R&D, systematic solution and supply chain management. Nowadays, we are doing business with more and more worldwide well-known corporations like CloudFlare, EXFO, Apple, MRV, JDSU, ADTRAN, Avago, EMC, etc., who have put large volume of our products into production for their Data Center or Cloud Computing application and speak highly of our service and products. We will be working together with our customers, partners and co-workers to benefit them more and contribute more to the global popularity of optical communication.

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