FS Introduced FS-P-OTP800 Packet-optical Transport Platform Family

Updated on Aug 4, 2020

Mar. 9th, Shenzhen, FS News – FS recently introduced the FS-P-OTP800 Packet-optical Transport Platform family, which brings more capacity, intelligence and multi-dimensional flexibility to cloud connectivity. As the leading innovative packet and optical solutions provider, FS will keep improving to satisfy the various of requirements in optical communication system.

The FS-P-OTP800 Packet-optical Transport Platform product family consists of two parts – rack mounts and service cards. The rack mounts, including three optional models(i.e. FS-P-OTP800-2S, FS-P-OTP800-4S, FS-P-OTP800-11S), backed by best-in-class packet optical technology, allow a mixed configuration and hot-swap of different service cards so as to integrate new network systems or enlarge transmission distance of off-the-shelf networks, such as CWDM, DWDM, SDH. And the service cards, including OEO service cards for fiber link wavelength conversion, optical muxponder service card separately at 2.5G or 10G as well as system control card help users to realize intelligent service configuration and refine management and maintenance.

FS-P-OTP800 Packet-optical Transport Platform Family
Categories Model # Description
Rack Mounts FS-P-OTP800-2S 2 Slots 1RU 19" FS-P-OTP800-2S Packet-Optical Transport Platform
FS-P-OTP800-4S 4 Slots 1RU 19" FS-P-OTP800-4S Packet-Optical Transport Platform
FS-P-OTP800-11S 11 Slots 1RU 19" FS-P-OTP800-11S Packet-Optical Transport Platform
System Control Card FS-P-OTP800-SC 2 x 100M Ethernet Ports And 2 x SFP Module Ports System Control Card
OEO card FS-P-OTP800-OEO(2G5) 8 Ports 2.5G SFP FS-P-OTP800-OEO(2G5) Optical Fiber Link Wavelength Converter
FS-P-OTP800-OEO(10G) 4 Ports 10G XFP FS-P-OTP800-OEO(10G) Optical Fiber Link Wavelength Converter
CWDM DWDM TMUX Card FS-P-OTP800-TMUX(2G5) 4 Ports 1.25G to 2 Ports 2.5G with 1+1 Protection FS-P-OTP800-TMUX(2G5) Optical Muxponder Service Card
FS-P-OTP800-TMUX(10G) 8 Ports SFP to 1 Port XFP FS-P-OTP800-TMUX(10G) Optical Muxponder Service Card

"The purpose of launching FS-P-OTP800 Packet-optical Transport Platform is to help network operators accommodate next-generation bandwidth and service requirements while reducing operational and capital expense." said, Julia Chou, FS's market manager, "In addition, because customers can assembly the rack mounts and service cards according to their requirements, it is more cost-effective than buying standalone devices." she added. We highly recommend you the FS-P-OTP800 Packet-optical transport platform as it is the industry’s most compact, highest-density transport system, and features built-in testing and rapid turn up capabilities that significantly increase ease-of-use. For more information, please contact sales@fs.com.

FS is a professional manufacturer and supplier of optical networking solutions. We can supply all kinds of fiber optic products, such as passive optical network subsystems, WDM system components and optical transceivers etc. In addition, other optical components, modules and subsystems are available. Depending on different requirements, we offer customized service for the products. FS is intended to to offer the best quality products and perfect solutions, to save customers' time and money, and to make customers enjoy personalization.

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