FS New Stock of 18-CH CWDM and 40-CH DWDM Mux/DeMux Modules Will Be Arriving Soon

Updated on Aug 4, 2020

July 4th, Shenzhen. FS News – FS recently has introduced a large stock of 18-CH CWDM and 40-CH DWDM Mux/DeMux modules, which will be arriving in recent days. You can then enjoy same-day shipping to improve your existing network on these products.

There is a surge in demand in the telecom sector for high bandwidth from enterprises as well as individual customers. In order to better meet the needs of more and more customers, we recently introduced a large stock of WDM Mux/DeMux solutions, especially the 18-CH CWDM and 40-CH DWDM Mux/DeMux modules.

Our highly recommended 18-CH CWDM Mux/DeMux modules can multiplex and de-multiplex up to 18 CWDM sources over a single fiber with insertion loss below 4.9dB. It features a monitor port which ensures easy troubleshooting without downtime. The 40-CH DWDM Mux/DeMux module of FS is a high-density, low-loss and standalone 1RU rack-mount passive module that provides easy access to all 40 DWDM channels at a single site. It is ideal for multiplex and de-multiplex requirements in DWDM networks. All Mux/DeMux modules in FS are designed for the best possible performance levels, helping you expand the bandwidth of optical communication networks with lower loss and greater distance capacities.

WDM Mux/DeMux solution
18-CH CWDM Mux/DeMux Module
WDM Mux/DeMux solution
40-CH DWDM Mux/DeMux Module

For other WDM application requirements, FS also offers CWDM & DWDM transceivers, CWDM & DWDM OADMs as well as other passive optical components used in WDM systems. With high performance and high quality assurance to each product, we provide you a more cost-effective way to expand your fiber plant.

FS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic subsystems, components and solutions. With last four years growing, we have built our strong and professional teams in optical communication product R&D, systematic solution and supply chain management. Nowadays, we are doing business with more and more worldwide well-known corporations like CloudFlare, EXFO, Apple, MRV, JDSU, ADTRAN, Avago, EMC, etc., who have put large volume of our products into production for their Data Center or Cloud Computing application and speak highly of our service and products. We will be working together with our customers, partners and co-workers to benefit them more and contribute more to the global popularity of optical communication.

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