FS.COM SFP+ Optical Modules Guide

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FS.com SFP+ Optical Modules Solution

SFP+ stands for Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus, which is an enhanced version of the SFP. It is a hot-swappable transceiver that plugs into the SFP+ port of a network switch and supports data rates of up to 16Gbps. FS SFP+ optical modules are available with a variety of different types to ensure your networks operate with maximum performance, reliability, and flexibility.

FS.com SFP+ Optical Modules Quick View

FS.com provides SFP+ optical modules of different connector type, interface type and protocols. The details are listed below:



Interface Type:

SR, 25m (FDDI), 33m (OM1), 82m (OM2), 300m (OM3), 400(OM4) LR, 2km (MMF), 10km (SMF) LRM, 220m (MMF) ER, 40km (SMF) ZR, 80,100km (SMF) BX, ranging from 10 to 80 km with 9/125 SMF T “Copper”, 30m range with Cat6a UTP cable CWDM, 20, 40, 80km range with 9/125 SMF, G.652, G.655. G.656 glass fiber DWDM, 40, 80km range with 9/125 SMF, G.652, G.655. G.656 glass fiber

Supported Protocol:

10 Gigabit Ethernet 8G Fibre Channel 10G Fibre Channel 16G Fibre Channel 10G SDH/SONET

10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ Optical Modules Datasheet

10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ module is a hot-swappable I/O device used in 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. FS.com offers a full range of copper and optical SFP+ modules including 10GBASE-T, 10GBASE-LR, 10GBASE-LRM, 10GBASE-SR, 10GBASE-ER and 10GBASE-ZR. Besides, CWDM, DWDM, BiDi SFP+ and 8G/10G/16G FC SFP+ modules are also available. The specification is listed as follow.

FS SFP P/N Part ID Type Wavelength Operating Distance Interface DOM Support
SFP-10G-T 66612 10GBSE-T / 30 m RJ45, Cat6a/Cat7 No
SFP-10GSR-85 11589 10GBASE-SR 850 nm 300 m LC duplex, MMF Yes
29899 10GBASE-SR 850 nm 300 m LC duplex, MMF Yes
SFP-10GLRM-31 11590 10GBASE-LRM 1310 nm 220 m LC duplex, MMF Yes
29795 10GBASE-LRM 1310 nm 2 km LC duplex, MMF Yes
SFP-10GLR-31 11591 10GBASE-LR 1310 nm 10 km LC duplex, SMF Yes
29901 10GBASE-LR 1310 nm 10 km LC duplex, SMF Yes
SFP-10GER-31 29797 10GBASE-ER 1310 nm 40 km LC duplex, SMF Yes
SFP-10GER-55 11592 10GBASE-ER 1550 nm 40 km LC duplex, SMF Yes
SFP-10GZR-55 11595 10GBASE-ZR 1550 nm 80 km LC duplex, SMF Yes
SFP-10GZRC-55 29799 10GBASE-ZR 1550 nm 100 km LC duplex, SMF Yes
SFP-10G-BX 11603 10GBASE-BX 1270nm-TX/1330nm-RX 10km LC simplex, SMF Yes
11624 10GBASE-BX 1330nm-TX/1270nm-RX 10km LC simplex, SMF Yes
CWDM-SFP10G-80L 69608 10GBASE-CWDM 1470nm-1610nm 80km LC duplex, SMF Yes
DWDM-SFP10G-80 69611 10GBASE-DWDM C17-C61 80km LC duplex, SMF Yes
SFP-16GLR-31 67972 16G Fibre Channel 850nm 100m LC duplex, MMF Yes

Test Assured Platform for FS 10GbE SFP+ Optical Modules

FS.com test center is equipped with a broad range of original switches from mainstream vendor like Cisco, Arista, HPE, Juniper, Brocade and etc. FS SFP+ optical modules performance, compatibility and durability are tested rigorously to ensure product reliability. We will keep adding more brand switches to our test to improve product diversity, and we’ll upgrade this diagram to keep you informed. See more about our Test Assured Progarm: https://www.fs.com/support/test-assured-program.html

Cisco HP Brocade Juniper Ruckus ZoneSwitc

Nexus 9396PX


WS-C4948E-F V03

Catalyst 4948E

Catalyst 3560-X Series

MDS 9148

5900 Series Switch (HP 5900AF JG510A)

5900 Series Switch (HP 5900AF JC772A)

5130 Series Switch

5400R zl2

Brocade VDX 6720

Brocade ICX6610-48

Brocade ICX 6450-24P

Brocade FI-SXI

EX 4300 series PoE+

Juniper MX960



Adtran Aruba Netgear FORCE⑩ TM NØRTEL
RackSwitch G8000 networks S2500-24p-4x10GE PoE 4826GTS-PWR+ S4810P BIG-IP 8900 SERIES
ARISTA Alcatel Lucent RackSwitch(IBM) Avaya Extreme

ARISTA 7050S-64

DCS 7124S

Prosafe M5300-28G

Prosafe XS712T


RackSwitch G8264



Summit X670


FS Cables for All SFP+ Transceivers

FS.com offers comprehensive fiber patch cables for common and special types of SFP+ modules, including singlemode & multimode, simplex & duplex, UPC & APC, lengths from 1 meter to 30 meters in large stocks. We also provides Cat6a UTP cables for 10GBASE-T SFP+ modules. Custom service is available.

FS Cable Types Connector Polish Types Jacket For SFP Stock Length
9/125 SMF LC Duplex UPC PVC;LSZH;OFNP LR;ER;ZR;CWDM;DWDM 1m-30m (3ft-98ft) Fs link_icon.png
9/125 SMF SC/LC Simplex UPC PVC;LSZH BX 1m-30m (3ft-98ft) Fs link_icon.png
50/125 OM4 MMF LC Duplex UPC PVC;LSZH;OFNP SR;LRM 1m-30m (3ft-98ft) Fs link_icon.png
50/125 OM3 MMF LC Duplex UPC PVC;LSZH;OFNP SR;LRM 1m-30m (3ft-98ft) Fs link_icon.png
Cat6a Cables RJ45 * PVC TX 0.15m-10m (6in-33ft) Fs link_icon.png


What compatible brands of SFP+ transceivers are available in FS.com?

FS.com offers cost-effective SFP+ transceivers compatible with major brands like Cisco, HP, Juniper, Brocade, Dell, Extreme, H3C, Arista, Huawei, Intel, IBM, Netgear, Ciena, D-Link, Avago, F5 Networks, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Aruba Networks, Allied Telesis, SMC Networks, TRENDnet etc.

What kinds of custom choices are offered in FS.com?

Custom services include compatibility, interface type, transmission distance, wavelength, DDM/DOM, operating temperature, label pattern, label colors and shipping package. What’s more, FS.com welcomes any inquiry for customized products and solutions for all need and specifications. If you need custom service, please visit this site: https://www.fs.com/c/10g-sfp-plus-63

Can FS.com SFP+ modules and patch cables be shipped directly from USA or Europe?

Yes. FS.com founded a warehouse in North America and Germany. Till now, we have prepared lots of transceiver modules and patch cables in stock. As long as the products you order are all in stock, we will ship them out the same day you place your order.

What is the difference between SFP+ and SFP?

SFP has a maximum data rate of 4.25 Gbps whereas SFP+ supports data rates up to 16 Gbps. Beyond that, the applications and transmission distance is also different.

Do the SFP+ optical transceivers support 1 GbE operation?

No, auto-negotiation is not supported between the 10 GE and 1GE speed. Only dual rate SFP+ modules can be configured for 1 GbE.

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