FS Upgrades Complete Solutions of Long-Haul DWDM Network

Updated on May 4, 2023

January 9th, Shenzhen, FS News– Complete solutions of DWDM network over long-haul (up to 200km or longer) have been launched and upgraded in FS. Customer can enjoy professional technician support for DWDM network design and one-stop DWDM components purchasing in FS.

DWDM network is the widely accepted solution to increase network capacity over long distance. Transmission distance is a key factor during the deployment of a DWDM network, as the optical power decreases with the increasing of transmission distance. To solve the problems of transmission distances, FS has published a series of complete solutions for long-haul DWDM network supporting transmission distances up to 200km or longer.

200km DWDM network

DWDM network is usually required to support transmission distance longer than 40km. Proper fiber optic components should be added in the DWDM network to overcome the light loss and light dispersion. Optical amplifiers and dispersion compensation modules are usually used. Meanwhile, the selection of proper fiber optic transceivers which is the light source is also very important. In this series of DWDM network solutions, FS has selected the proper components for different DWDM networks that support transmission distance of 40km, 80km, 120km, 170km and 200km. The above picture shows a simple diagram of a DWDM network which can support 200km. The required components for this DWDM network are listed in the following table.

DWDM SFP+ 80km DWDM MUX/DEMUX Optical Amplifier Dispersion Compensation Module
DWDM SFP+ 80km DWDM MUX/DEMUX Optical Amplifier Dispersion Compensation Module

If you want to get more detail, please visit our Long-Haul DWDM Network page. Customers can also send their specific requirements for DWDM network to sales@fs.com, our sales and technicians will offer you the best solutions.

FS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic subsystems, components and solutions. With last four years growing, we have built our strong and professional teams in optical communication product R&D, systematic solution and supply chain management. Nowadays, we are doing business with more and more worldwide well-known corporations like CloudFlare, EXFO, Apple, MRV, JDSU, ADTRAN, Avago, EMC, etc., who have put large volume of our products into production for their Data Center or Cloud Computing application and speak highly of our service and products. We will be working together with our customers, partners and co-workers to benefit them more and contribute more to the global popularity of optical communication.

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