Get Ready for FS Optimized Shopping Process

Updated on Mar 15, 2021

FS has streamlined the shopping and payment process to make it more simplified and straightforward. All for creating an enjoyable shopping experience for you.

FS shopping process

Step One: Get an Account

Registration is short and optional, three choices are presented.

Option 1: Shop without registering.

Step 1

Option 2: Set up an account.

Step 2

Note: You can also register after adding.

Step Two: Start Shopping

Add to your shopping cart while browsing products.

Step 3

Click “Cart” to view the summary of items.

Step 4

And the "Cart" icon directs you to this page

Step 5

Step Three: Checkout

To fulfill the purchase, essential information is required to hand over in this step.

  • Shipping address.

Step 6

  • Payment method.

Step 7

  • Review items and shipping.

Step 8

Step 9

This optimized shopping process makes your purchase smoothly and seamlessly, off-line purchase order now are available to assure quicker and more convenient purchase needs.

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