How FS Custom Solutions Empower Your Business

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With the penetration of technology into almost all aspects of business life, the need for more specialist bespoke services keeps growing. Off-the-shelf products prove useful for millions of business customers, but because they target overlapping needs, they inevitably leave every business with at least a few needs unmet. To better suit the custom requirements of our customers, FS offers reliable custom network solutions for various industries such as enterprise, education, retail, catering and so on.


FS Custom Solution Options

Custom Solutions for Optical Transceivers, DAC & AOC

FS provides customized solutions for optical transceivers, DACs and AOCs. Whether your requirement is for a single custom transceiver or thousands of custom products for a project roll out, we can help. For home, SMB, enterprise, or datacenter applications, FS custom optical transceivers, DACs and AOCs have proven to be a reliable choice. The custom specifics are as follows:

  • Custom labelling

  • Custom manufacturer's name

  • Custom model name

  • Custom serial number

  • Custom compatible brand

For certain optical transceivers, we also offer custom working temperatures including commercial temperature (0 to 70°C), industrial temperature (-40 to 85°C), and extended temperature (-5 to 85°C). If you want to know more detailed info about FS custom solutions for optical transceivers, DACs and AOCs, please refer to our FAQ for help, or Contact Us.


Key Benefits of Custom Services

Professional One-Stop Solution

FS provides professional network solution design services through a standard five-step procedure from requirements gathering to the delivery of a turnkey solution. We will carry out the flexible program customization design according to your requirements which includes application scenarios, traffic demands, and budgets, etc. FS's benchmarking process also delivers a proprietary layer of cluster testing, beyond component level verification. We look forward to troubleshooting any problems prior to customer shipment to better serve our customers. For more info, you can check this YouTube video FS Delivers “One-stop-shop” Solution Design Service or visit our official website www.fs.com.

Higher Efficiency & 1 Second Response

As is often the case, custom solutions provide all the features you need and none of the features you don’t. It also means a higher quality of business operations, because it reduces possible error. Having network products that run like a well-oiled machine leaves room for innovation and excellent service. Custom services also improve efficiency and performance through FS tech support. You will have a dedicated support team that attends to your needs in a second, so when you run into issues, you won’t have to rely on forums for answers or wait days for a response.

Long-Term Cost-Saving

Offering custom services takes more labor and time than off-the-shelf solutions, but once it’s finished, if the new products or solutions create enough efficiency, it could save you what extra you spent on the custom option for years or even decades to come. As long as you make an educated guess and decide what level of risk you’re comfortable with (as with any other investment), the tipping point to “worth it” will always happens. It’s worth noting that you may be able to negotiate price. If you want a large quantity of custom products, FS is sure to provide a more cost competitive experience overall, possibly saving your cost by 20%.

100% Quality Control

Independent research and development makes FS master the core technology and maintain the standard of every component. We develop, build, craft and sell products from start to finish, and take rigorous tests during the whole process to ensure 100% quality control. All components are packaged safely and rapidly delivered to you via multiple logistics options. You never need to worry that your custom products are not as high-quality and reliable as off-the-shelf ones. Moreover, beyond ensuring high quality, FS custom solution gets your network up and running in your desired way.


How to Apply for Custom services

In general, the whole customization process includes the following steps:

  • Custom Requirements: Customers inform us of their detailed custom requirements.

  • Verification & Discussion: We verify those requirements to make sure they can be satisfied and discuss with our customers if changes are needed.

  • Product Quotation: We give our customers the quote for the custom product.

  • Order Placement: We reach an agreement on all the specifics of the custom solution, and customers place an order.

For example, if customers want to customize the label of optical transceivers, DACs or AOCs, here are the detailed steps:

  • Label Customization: We confirm the label type (color label, black-and-white label or neutral label) that customers want.

  • Specifics of Label: Customers provide specific information of the label, including manufacturer name, model name, serial number. If customers want to have their logo on the label, they need to provide the vector diagram of the logo.

  • Design Drawings: We show design drawings of the label to customers. Meanwhile, the physical label will be printed out. A photo of it will be sent to customers to confirm.

  • Order Placement: Customers agree on the design and place an order.

FS can usually provide a prototype within 1 week. That said, the specific period is based on the type of the custom product, and the specific custom demands of our customers. If you want to customize optical transceivers, DACs and AOCs, please visit our official website www.fs.com or Contact Us.



Here are some frequently asked questions by FS customers about our custom service.

Q: Can I request customized products?

A: Yes, you can customize a product through the product details page or by contacting your account manager. Right now, we offer customized products such as optical transceivers, DACs & AOCs, MTP®/MPO fiber cables, fiber cables, HD LC+ cables, indoor/outdoor multifiber cables, fiber pigtails and so on.

Q: I cannot find the product I need. Can it still be purchased through FS?

A: Absolutely. As a well-known manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic products, FS offers custom solutions to your networks. Contact our customer service team or your dedicated account manager. They can help you place an order for the product you need.

Q: Can I have the ends be different compatibility? Ie Chelsio on one end and Ubnt on the other. (Customized DACs)

A: Yes, please choose "Dual Compatibility Solutions" in the "Compatible Brands" attribute, and fill in the compatibility of each sides you need.

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