How FS Security Gateway Ensures Enterprise Network Security

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Cyber security is a complicated and challenging issue for today's enterprises. Crimes such as identity theft and data breach may cause a huge loss to whether large enterprises or start-ups. A comprehensive strategy should be set for building a secure and reliable enterprise network environment. To better cope with severe cyber security problems in enterprise networks, FS introduces a cyber security solutionSG-5110 New Generation Multi-service Security gateway.

Cyber Security Challenges Enterprises Face

Enterprises and organizations, according to research, believe that network security is getting more and more complex every year. The explosion of devices, users, cloud applications and network traffic increases the attack surface, causing it difficult to prevent,detect and respond to the attacks. Especially during these days, enterprises are undergoing constant security threats. According to some surveys, under the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the attacks on smart homes, enterprises, and control systems connected to critical infrastructure have increased greatly. Enterprise is one of the target segments in coronavirus-themed phishing emails.

For small or medium-sized enterprises business, the cyber attacks they suffer are much worse. There are some organizations that lack the awareness necessary to initiatively prevent cyber security problems. Negligent employees become the most vulnerable spot for hackers to attack businesses. For those small businesses without a professional IT team, employees may not know how to identify phishing or social engineering, so as to easily fall into the trap by hackers.

Faced with the cyber security challenges, enterprises at present have the compulsive requirements to guard against the malicious Internet traffic and impose restrictions on the employees' online behavior. How to detect and identify the security of traffic flow as well as effectively take control of the abnormal traffic flow with the aim to ensure a secure network environment? The next section will explain how the cyber security solution—FS security gateway makes a difference.

FS Security Gateway Delivers Security for Enterprises

As hackers and their cyber attacks are evolving faster than ever before, thus security gateways, as the first line of defense, should be smarter to guide security as well. To effectively address cyber threats, FS security gateway features the following main advanced characteristics.

Stateful Firewall Functionality—First Line of Defence for Your Sensitive Data

Data is the lifeblood of your business. For enterprises with plenty of sensitive data, FS SG-5110 security gateway featuring stateful firewall functionality provides powerful firewalls with extensive capabilities, thus to help protect your sensitive data and keep business going. Compared with traditional stateless firewalls, stateful inspection firewalls will constantly act on the state and context of a connection and analyze the complete context of traffic and data packets, instead of the traffic and data packets in isolation. Furthermore, SG-5110 security gateway supports Anti-ARP spoofing to effectively block DDOS attacks, providing a higher level of security to users and preventing possible DDOS attacks to which general stateful firewalls may be vulnerable.

For SMBs or large entities, there is no doubt that a robust next-generation stateful firewall is the optimized choice for protecting sensitive user data and connections in terms of the security level and packet-filtering depth. Though the powerful function comes with a higher upfront cost, to maximize the security benefits of enterprise, it is not worthwhile to sacrifice the enterprise data security and choose the inferior technology.

Online Behavior Management—Implementing Access Control Within an Intranet

FS Security Gateway provides online behavior management for Internet access users. By deploying the security gateway in an organized network, it supports detailed and flexible monitoring of users’ behavior, which means the traffic to and from users to other networks will go through the gateway to get clarified if there is a malicious attack or not. It will enable data that is compliant with the users’ enterprise security policies to flow within the enterprise intranet, but once the users transmit sensitive information or publish inappropriate content in forums through the network, it will block the unauthorized data or malicious data.

SG-5110 security gateway is able to identify 2,600+ applications and more than 30 million URL addresses. For enterprises attaching great importance to situations when phishers prey on employees with hopes that they will click on the malicious links or when careless employees enter the URL addresses which contain viruses and malware, the security gateway is the solution to help block the suspicious links and maintain an efficient and healthy working place.

IPsec VPN and SSL VPN—Securing Remote Interconnections Between LANs

As remote work becomes more and more common in global enterprise businesses, how to guarantee effective remote work while keeping data traffic secure is a key challenge. With IPsec or SSL VPN, employees in branches can access information from the terminal server at the head office, and those who are at home or on a business trip will perform work just like they are still in the office. FS security gateway combines the advantages of IPsec VPN and SSL VPN, both of which deliver enterprise-level security for remote computers to communicate with each other over a public WAN, enabling data being transmitted from user to the interior servers always in an encrypted mode.

For enterprises with multiple remote branches and mobile employees, FS security gateway helps to realize a combination of remote access and secure protection by configuring IPsec VPN or SSL VPN.

Typical Applications of FS Security Gateway in Enterprise Networks

As the next-generation multi-service security gateway integrating stateful firewall, online behavior management, IPsec VPN, and SSL VPN, SG-5110 is designed to provide users with simplified and secure Internet experience. The scenarios that SG-5110 secure gateway can be applied are extensive, such as education, hotels, retails, shopping malls, enterprise networks, etc. For instance, SG-5110 can be deployed in a wireless enterprise network as the figure above shows. Wireless networks are always considered insecure for network access but quite common in today’s enterprises. Deploying SG-5110 security gateway as Perimeter Security Gateway provides a maximum level of security for the internal network through matching FS high-performance switches and Wi-Fi 6 wireless products.

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